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(CIDG Group ) Egyptian marble supplier and exporter proud to offer helpful information and advice about Egyptian natural stones-and provide all tips for Egyptian marble-Egyptian limestone tiles, Egyptian granite, kitchen granite countertops -and all Egyptian natural stone features and gaudiness to select the right materials for every corner in your home  Discover home interior design trends and tips today!

Why You Should Use Limestone in Patio and Garden Paving

Egyptian limestone A patio gives you the opportunity to make the outdoor space around your home feel just as homely as the inside. But if you’ve looked into options for paving materials, you might have become a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available to you. One of the most popular types of…

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Sinai Pearl Egyptian Marble

Sinai Pearl Egyptian Limestone Slabs and Tiles  Sinai Pearl, also known as Triesta or Dijon marble, is one of the most renowned marble types around the world. It is known for its gorgeous warm hues, a fine grain of light beige to pale brown, to earthy gray, and hints of brown fossilized sedimentary colors. Sinai…

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Galala Egyptian Marble Slabs

Galala Egyptian marble stunning Royal beige Egyptian marble  Bespoke Natural Stone Galala Egyptian marble its is a beige Egyptian marble quarried in Egypt specifically from  the Suez, Mountain Ain Sokhna Egypt, one of the unique Egyptian marble colors, with more than 5 color tones and shades, this Egyptian marble type is suitable for every corner at…

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Nile Grey Egyptian Marble tiles-grey marble paving slabs

CIDG Offers Nile Grey Marble Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be an amazing choice for your floor and wall tiles, as it will be a perfect choice to be applied in: •Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room and Outdoor Landscape.

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CIDG Marble Factory in Egypt

CIDG Company is one of the biggest Egyptian Marble, Granite, and Limestone suppliers. We export our products all over the world with high quality. We manufacture all types and finishes of all sizes you need all you demand and we implement What about visiting Our website: And Contact us on: Tel/what’s app: 002-0100-1649770 E-Mail:…

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Egyptian Marble Types

Egyptian is an undeniably attractive home furnishing material that can add a touch of elegance to any house type. However, for a truly superior look, it’s important for you to choose the right kind of marble. order now!! visit our website: contact us: Tel/ whats app: 002-0100-1649770 E-Mail:  

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Benefits of Marble Tiles

1. A wide range of colors: Marble floor tiles have various colors. Irrespective of the color you want, whether it is brown or white, you will find it in marble. With this, it is easy for you to find the color that will blend with the colors you already have in your house. 2.The elegance…

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How to Choose the Right Egyptian Marble for Your Floor

From white, beige, brown, pink, red and black, there are numerous Egyptian Marble stone colors available in the Egyptian Market. It is a Metamorphic Stone, which shines on polishing. Egyptian Marble floor slabs are derived out of marble stone blocks that are hard, dense and homogeneous. Start With a Sealer Marble is a natural stone…

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