Egyptian granite offers

Egyptian granite offers

Egyptian granite is gaining great fame, as it is known for its high quality, durability, beautiful shape, hardness, and unique and distinctive colors. This is why everyone searches for Egyptian granite offers while searching for Egyptian granite prices. If they find offers on Egyptian granite, then they have obtained an attractive and valuable material that has many features at a great price.

What is Egyptian granite?

Before searching for Egyptian granite offers, you must know that it is an igneous rock formed by the transformative forces of intense heat and pressure over wide periods and that it has won the admiration of everyone for centuries. Beginning in ancient times, granite stone served as the cornerstone of architectural buildings and interior designs. We find this in the pyramids, temples, and tombs in ancient Egypt. To date, we find it in various residential and commercial projects. Do not be surprised when you hear that granite is now a symbol of elegance and flexibility, decorating prestigious residential properties, commercial complexes, and various other workspaces. This is because of the advantages we mentioned, the most important of which are its wonderful strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

The uses of granite in ancient Egypt are:

– The Great Pyramid of Giza.
– Statues of kings and queens.
– Furniture and antiques found in palaces and temples.
– Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.
– decorate tombs and temples to add beauty and elegance to the decor.
– Sculpture and engraving to create various works of art that express ancient Egyptian civilization.
– The Great Sphinx of Giza.

Granite cleaning and care

Before you start using granite in your home, workplace, or even in outdoor spaces, and before you ask about Egyptian granite offers and prices, you must be familiar with the methods of caring for and cleaning granite. It is considered one of the most impressive types of natural stones and is characterized by strength, elegance, and luster. Therefore, you must maintain its cleanliness and shine by:

– Use bicarbonate of soda to remove all parts of the stain, and it can be applied twice a week.

– Relying on cleaning alcohol, which is one of the most important factors through which stains can be treated and cleaned very quickly and stains and grease can be removed easily.

– Applying lemon juice with baking soda is one of the most powerful recipes ever that contributes to removing traces of fat and stubborn stains that are present on the surface of granite.

– Using chlorine, which is one of the most powerful recipes that contributes to removing traces of stains.

Granite care methods:

– Use the correct and ideal granite cleaners and focus on types that contain ingredients that maintain the shine of granite without causing damage.

– Focus on gentle and effective methods for removing dust and dirt.

– Avoid scratches and stains.

– Use coasters for hot pots to avoid scratches and damage and clean up liquids immediately.

– Use natural materials to care for granite, such as using lemon or vinegar safely.

– Avoid using sharp or strong chemicals that can affect the quality of granite.

– Polishing granite edges and corners.

– Avoid damage caused by acidic liquids or solids.

As for the uses of granite now, which also affect the determination of Egyptian granite offers and its price, they are:

– Bridges and road barriers.

– Covering road surfaces.

– Paving paths and gardens.

– In flooring and wall cladding.

– In kitchens and bathrooms.

Types of Egyptian granite:

Of course, Egyptian granite prices or Egyptian granite offers depend greatly on many factors. One of the most important of these factors is the types of Egyptian granite, as each type has a price that differs from the other and also offers that differ from other types. That is why we will discuss in this article the types of Egyptian granite, on which you will find Egyptian granite offers.

Egyptian granite includes a wide range of types, each of which has its unique characteristics. The most prominent of these types are:

– Rosa Al-Nasr granite.

This type of granite is a wonderful combination of pink and gray colors, and it is one of the elegant and durable types of granite that makes it an ideal choice for worktops and floors. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Rosa Al-Nasr granite.

– New Halayeb granite:

This type of Egyptian granite is given this name because it is obtained from the Halayeb region in Egypt, and this type of granite is distinguished by its beauty, durability, and attractiveness. It is also a combination of colors that makes it add sophistication and unique beauty to any space. This type is ideal for high-traffic areas such as countertops and floors due to its low maintenance. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on New Halayeb granite.

– Aswan gray granite:

It is a type of granite extracted from the Aswan region in Egypt, and it is a mixture of all colors. Like other types of granite, it is characterized by elegance, sophistication, high quality, and eternal beauty that lasts for many years. It is also characterized by durability and corrosion resistance and is used in many interior and exterior designs. But it is ideal for roofs, floors and wall cladding. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Aswan gray granite.

Gondola Granite:

This type of granite is famous for its distinctive colors, as it is a mixture of warm colors such as beige, brown, gray and complex patterns. It is also famous for its durability, high quality, elegance, charming beauty, and versatility, as it is a popular choice for a wide range of applications such as kitchen surfaces, exterior facades, and residential and commercial spaces. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Gondola Granite

– Rosa Hood Granite:

It is one of the famous types of granite that is extracted in Egypt. It is distinguished by its wonderful combination of pink and gray, which gives it a distinctive and elegant look. Rosa Hood granite is also distinguished by its durability, strength and versatility, making it a popular choice for various architectural and interior design applications, countertops and flooring. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Rosa Hood Granite.

– Aswan Red Granite:

This type of granite is considered one of the most highly sought-after materials in construction, design, and interior and exterior applications. This type of granite is distinguished by its bold appearance and stunning, vibrant red color. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Aswan Red Granite.

-Frasan granite:

Forsan Red Granite is a distinctive group of granite that is famous for its stunning appearance, deep red color, and complex natural patterns. One of its advantages is that it is durable, resistant to corrosion, and has a unique beauty, which makes it add warmth, character, luxury, and sophistication to any interior or exterior space, worktops, flooring, and cladding Walls. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Frasan granite.

– White Safaga:

This type of granite is given this name because it is known for its pure white background with fine gray veins. This type is characterized by sophistication, beauty, clear, clean appearance, exquisite design and durability. This distinctive stone is considered multi-use, as it is used for a wide range of internal and external applications, such as countertops, floors, and wall cladding. It is also considered suitable for high-traffic areas due to its corrosion resistance. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on White Safaga.

Verde Granite:

It is an attractive Egyptian granite known for its stunning green colors, unique vein patterns, natural elegance, durability, and timeless appeal. This makes it a preferred choice for architectural and interior design projects, countertops and flooring within residential and commercial buildings, elevating the atmosphere with its natural beauty. You can ask about Egyptian granite offers on Verde Granite.

Granite prices in Egypt

If you are one of those looking for Egyptian granite offers or want to know the prices of Egyptian granite, you should know that Egyptian granite offers or prices in general differ from one type to another, and that there are factors on which the price is determined, such as:

– Granite thickness, which is considered one of the important factors in determining the price of granite.

– The area required to be implemented, as certainly the larger the area, the higher the final price of the granite, which may be what makes you choose the lowest price if you have a large area.

– The quality of granite and the type you want to choose.

– Market condition and financial position, as there are periods when prices decrease and other periods when prices increase.

–  Timing of purchase and installation, as prices change daily.

– Prices and offers available from the company you will contract with. Sedge Company offers you the best offers for Egyptian granite.

The size of the stone, as the larger the size of the granite stone, the higher its price

Now at the end of the article, you have certainly reached sufficient information about Egyptian granite and its uses in ancient times and its uses in the current era, and that Egyptian granite offers and prices are determined based on many factors and they differ due to the continuous updates in prices and the differences that occur in the market daily and also stop. Depending on the type of marble, its color, thickness, and the area required to be implemented.

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Therefore, if you, dear reader, are looking for Egyptian granite offers or want to know its prices. Or if you want to rely on a specialized company to help you choose the appropriate type of granite for the space in which you want to install it, you can rely on our company to provide you with the best service and the best price offers For all engineers, architects and homeowners. Just contact us now.

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