Basalt Tiles Egypt

Basalt Stone from Egypt:

CID supply and export the Basalt tiles cobblestone pavers Tiles driveway, black basalt , with the best  Basalt Stone price ,Basalt tiles Egypt


Basalt Tiles Egypt

Split Face Tiles

Basalt Stone

Egyptian Basalt stone is one of well-known and most required unique natural stone quarried in Egypt.

CID supply and export the Basalt stone tiles cobblestone pavers Tiles, driveway, black Basalt stone, with the best Basalt Stone price, Basalt stone tiles Egypt


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Egyptian natural stones really provide a warm finish and appearance to all types of applications.

Black Basalt stone is a volcanic stone that has been used in architecture for centuries. Basaltina, one of the premium natural Stone Source’s catalog of materials, has a particularly rich history. It is quarried near Egypt and was used by ancient Egypt to Make Pharaonic statues and like this on Roma. Examples of its uses in architecture can still be seen still today. basalts are rich in magnesium, feldspar, pyroxene, and iron, with hints of olivine and amphibole; all of which are siliceous materials similar to those in granite. Although Basalt stone boast the durability of granite, they tend to have the consistent coloration, markings, and subtlety of a limestone.

CIDG – Your One-Stop Solution for Egyptian Basalt Stone

If you’re looking for a unique natural stone that provides a warm finish and appearance to all types of applications, look no further than Egyptian Basalt Stone. At CIDG, we supply and export Basalt Stone tiles, cobblestone pavers, driveway tiles, and more, all at the best prices in Egypt.

Geology of Basalt Stone:

Basalt is a volcanic (igneous) stone that has been used in architecture for centuries and is thought to be one of the main components of oceanic crust. The fissures and small holes in the surface are evidence of the earth’s natural gasses flowing through and escaping from the stone. Basalt stones are rich in magnesium, feldspar, pyroxene, and iron, with hints of olivine and amphibole, all of which are siliceous materials similar to those in granite.

Characteristics of Basalt Stone:

The density of Basalt Stone refers to its weight relative to the density of water, which affects its durability and strength. Basalt tiles have a porosity that determines how much open space exists between mineral grains in the stone, which may remain unfilled or be factory-filled with resin or cement. Basalt tiles are prone to staining when exposed to oil and highly-pigmented liquids.

The permeability of Basalt Stone is its ability to allow liquids to move through it, which can be low or high depending on its grain structure. Basalt’s absorption is a key characteristic that determines how prone the surface will be to staining and how to protect that surface.

Basalt Stone Applications:

Basalt stones are versatile and can be used for many applications, including:

  • Paver tiles
  • Carvings
  • Ornamental stonework
  • Driveway tiles

Advantages of Basalt Stone:

The advantages of using Basalt Stone for your project include:

  • It is powerful and rigid enough to face up to serious traffic.
  • It is not slick, however it’s enough for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It contains a fantastic botanic look that may not always obtainable in several materials.
  • It is easy to swish as a result of it now not appeals to allergies or dust.
  • When used in design, it raises the value of the home.
  • Because every stone is unique, it adds value and character to the design.
  • Because it provides adequate insulation, it aids keep the interiors space heat during the winter and cool throughout the summer.
  • Provides a large vary of shapes, sizes, and finishes for a wide range of choices and applications.

Selection and Ordering:

CIDG provides various sizes and finishes of black volcanic rock to suit your project’s needs. Our team is ready to ensure that your ordering and shipping process is fast, smooth, and reliable. Once you have selected the natural stone that perfectly suits your project, contact our customer service team to request a quote with the prices and purchase your order.

Then, your ordered stone will be finely cut to size in our progressive factory. Following that, CIDG will eventually package and ship your order through careful steps, keeping you updated and informed throughout the process.

Design Inspiration:

Basalt Stone natural stone is the most known stone used in driveways and paving tiles. It gives a fearless and powerful look with its dark black colored clear surface, offering an open design.


CIDG offers various finishes to match your design needs, including:

  • Split face surfaces
  • Sand blasted stone
  • Tumbled stones

Available sizes:

CIDG offers Basalt Stone in cut-to-size and small opus pattern sizes. Browse our selection or visit our design team today for help determining the pattern and required Basalt Stone size that is right for you

Mica stone Uses:

Mica Specification:

No Product in Basalt Stone

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Installation process:

Regardless of the development of your substrate, the surface should be clean and beyond any contaminating elements. Any oils, waxes, paint, solidification agents, or loose dust ought to be removed. This is needed for the stone protective cover to stick to the surface adequately.


When handling a free morpheme stone or a Linear pattern, it should be useful to put out your stone items on the bottom before setting out to adhere the protection to the substrate. Natural stone’s marks, texture, and color tones have evolved over thousands of years. this suggests that the looks of every bit will differ. there’ll be no 2 identical pieces of natural stone cladding. This distinction isn’t a flaw. the purpose is that the inherent faults and differences. Laying out the stone cladding will assist you in composing the stones per size, color, and textural variety. this may aid in the creation of the foremost visually appealing setup.


A acceptable natural stone adhesive should be accustomed guarantee a sure-fire facing installation and lifetime. When handling adhesives, make sure that the rear of every stone piece is clean and dust-free. to use the glue to the substrate, use a notched trowel. The bed ought to be a minimum of 2mm thick. Before projecting each stone to the surface, totally back butter it. Working in small, manageable sections can facilitate make sure that the adhesive doesn’t heal before egg laying the stone. Any remaining adhesive should be sponged off shortly when application. when that, the stone facing ought to be left alone for a minimum of twenty-four hours.


After you have finished putting in the stone cladding, you ought to clean and seal the surface. Sealing is a very important step in protective the beauty and longevity of natural stone veneer. it’s particularly important in out of doors applications or in damp environments comparable to a pool or a restroom. The supplier will create recommendations for acceptable waterproofing merchandise for your specific project and material.

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