Quartz Counter Tops: Natural Beauty and Quality Engineering

What is Quartz?

Stylish, strong, and adaptable, quartz is a popular choice for home design, particularly sought-after for kitchen countertops. In fact, according to the 2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, quartz was the most popular countertop material for home improvement the last four consecutive years.

Quartz stone is a hard, naturally occurring crystalline mineral. Stone engineers take advantage of the unique geological and visual qualities of raw quartz in combination with resins and pigments to make resilient surfaces with all the beauty of natural stone. Because of the pigmentation, quartz is available in a nearly endless array of colors and patterns, allowing designers the creative freedom to explore and match any design scheme.

Creative Interior Design Group (CIDG) is one of the leading quartz stone slab suppliers. We are proud to supply our clients around the world with the finest quality stone for home and commercial building projects.


Quartz is the hardest stone surface for home design (7/10 on the MOHs scale) making it the perfect choice for active kitchens and high-traffic floor tile. With proper care, your quartz counter top will stay smooth and shiny without polishing or conditioning.


Hygienic and Low-Maintenance:

Quartz slabs are entirely non-porous and do not host bacteria, mold or microorganisms. Because our engineers use the hardest minerals for our quartz particulate, our countertops are naturally stain and scratch resistant. Additionally, due to its closed structure surface, kitchen countertops in quartz do not require periodical sealants or waxes.



Over 90% of quartz surfaces are made up of quartz particulate, a sustainable by-product of stone quarrying and processing. Because of its natural strength, quartz kitchen countertops feature a long replacement life, and are even recyclable. The use of quartz slabs may contribute LEED points to eco-conscious building projects. Learn more about our environmental commitments.



Quartz offers incredible flexibility of design, coming in a multitude of engaging patterns, and a variety of colors and finishes. Because the color and gradation is created during its production, it can be easier than other natural stones to match with tiles or create a continuous worktop surface. Additionally, quartz can be molded during fabrication to create sinks and other home elements. Browse our selection of quartz countertop slabs today.

Selection and Ordering:

Creative Interior Design Group (CIDG)  offers a wide range of quartz colors options and patterns to suit any home or kitchen design. Whether you are looking for classic white quartz countertops, granite slab style natural veining, or even a bright, modern pop of color, we are sure we have the quartz to fit your project.

Browse our selection or consult with our design team today for help determining the pattern and quartz slab size that is right for you.

Once you have selected a quartz, contact our customer service team to get a price quote and begin your order. Your stone will be precisely cut to size in our state-of-the-art factory. CIDG  will then carefully package and ship your order, keeping you informed and updated throughout the process. As Egypt’s leading quartz kitchen countertop and quartz slab wholesale supplier, our team is ready to ensure your ordering and shipping process is fast, smooth, and reliable.

Design Inspiration:

One of our most popular options, white quartz kitchen countertops emulate the elegant appearance of calacatta marble. For a light and open design, calacatta quartz countertops feature a clean white background with grey through-body veining. Seen here with white cabinets and an open layout, this waterfall kitchen island provides an elegant focal point for a luxury white kitchen remodel.

Quartz Applications

This adaptable natural stone tiles empowers architects and designers to use this material in various applications.


Limestone is an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces. A kitchen requires durable and resilient long-lasting quality to endure the heat, easy to clean and creates a sense of warmth. it can be applied as kitchen flooring, backsplashes, and countertops.



CID’s Quarries

CID is the premium Egyptian marble, granite, limestone and Quartz  manufacturer and factory, supplying clients from across the world. We pride ourselves for being renown as one of the finest stone companies in Egypt. Our factories and quarries in Egypt are ready to supply and export to any country in the world.


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Sizes Available:

  • Large opus pattern
  • Small opus pattern
  • 600 * free length
  • 900*600
  • Cut to size

Our Promise: Precision, Trust, Quick Turn Around Guaranteed

We focus on manufacturing the most exquisite natural stone with precision in our state-of-the-art factory and cutting-edge machinery.

We ensure clients- from designers, contractors, builders, and homeowners the trusted advice in consultation with our industry experts and punctuality of order delivery with a quick turnaround response. Our very own shipping and handling company guarantees on time shipping of our products to any port around the world.

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