Honed finish marble

Honed finish marble | difference between polished finish marble and honed finish marble

Marble is one of the most valuable stones. As it is an elegant stone, its value does not change over time. Therefore, it is used to beautify residential and commercial buildings.

Marble is available in many colors and patterns, from which you can choose what suits your taste and the decor of the place you are finishing. As for the available marble finishes, the most common are honed and polished finish marble.

In the following lines, you will learn in detail about each type, the difference between them, and how to choose the appropriate type for your home.

The difference between polished finish marble and honed finish marble

Honed finish marble is a natural-looking marble that has a matte finish and is not polished so it does not reflect light. As for polished marble, it has been smoothed and polished using abrasive materials so that it reflects light.

Polished marble has a sophisticated appearance that matches the ornate features and decorative lighting due to its attractive luster. This is the opposite of honed marble due to its loss of this luster.

Another notable difference between them is that honed marble, being more porous, needs to be sealed frequently to prevent damage. Polished marble is somewhat more resistant to stains because of the additional polishing operations it is exposed to reduce its porosity.

As for choosing between them in terms of what is best for home decor, honed finish marble is considered a good choice as it has an aesthetic appearance that is not flashy. This is because it has a matte finish, and is therefore suitable for use in homes with a classic design. It is also worth noting that it is the appropriate choice for high-traffic areas

In contrast, polished finish marble has a luxurious appearance and complements decorative lighting and fixtures due to its shine. We find it widely used in grand houses and royal castles.

Finally, despite these differences between them, they can be mixed in your kitchen, and the result will certainly be attractive and innovative.

Honed finish marble

It is a beautiful and durable stone that adds a touch of luxury to any home and is characterized by a smooth, matte texture with a soft, velvety touch. Unlike polished marble. Which makes its appearance subdued and simple and highlights the original appearance of the stone. It is also characterized by its slip resistance and versatility, as it is used in many projects, especially for bathroom floors, swimming pool areas, or countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, or other living spaces.

Despite these advantages, it allows liquids to penetrate the surface of the stone. Therefore, stains and spills must be wiped up immediately, or a sealant must be used to slow the rate of absorption of harmful liquids by the marble slab, thus maintaining the marble’s resistance to stain-causing liquids.

Honed marble countertops

Honed marble is more suitable for use in flooring than kitchen countertops for several reasons:

  • We mentioned in the previous paragraphs that honed marble has a matte finish, and therefore it is more resistant to scratching. If it is scratched, it will not appear clearly because the light is not reflected clearly on it.
  • Honed marble is more susceptible to stains and is therefore not recommended for use in kitchen countertops.
  • More susceptible to stains, so if you are unable to wipe spills from the marble surface immediately. It is preferable to avoid using it on kitchen countertops.
  •  It is considered less slippery than polished marble, which is why it is a great choice for flooring.

How to take care of honed marble?

– You should use cutting boards to protect surfaces from scratches and stains.

– Quickly wipe up all stains and spills as soon as possible, use cleaners designed for marble, and avoid cleaners that contain acidic substances such as lemon juice or vinegar.

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