Marble Art

Marble Art


Mosaic is the Marble Art of creating images using small pieces of tiles that has been machined for use as tile. It can be a decorative arts technique, an aspect of interior decoration, or something of cultural and spiritual importance such as a cathedral.
There are three main methods:
The direct method, the indirect method, and the double indirect method.

CIDG can provide any design of mosaic Marble Art. Send your design and the applied area’s dimensions

Wall cladding

Wall cladding Marble Art is when a material is used to cover an exterior wall. In areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is important to use such methods to protect walls from water, heat and gas fumes generated during cooking. In such cases, without wall siding, the paint can flake off the wall and damage it. To prevent this, wall panels are the best solution and can also be an attractive element of your home. The marble finish on the rock walls and split surfaces gives it a more unique appearance than a plain wall. Wall coverings also serve many other decorative purposes


It is a complete system of railings and railings that keep people from falling over the edge, simply the term for the vertical posts that hold the railings. This is sometimes called a guard or spindle.
Often on the steps he needs two parapets. The second baluster is closer to the riser and higher than the first baluster. The additional height of the second baluster is usually halfway between the baluster decoration elements. In this way the lower decorative elements align with the steps and the upper elements with the railing brackets.
However, this means that the 1st and his 2nd spar are manufactured separately and are not interchangeable. Railings without decorative elements can be replaced.


Water Jet

Water jet Marble Art designs are created using a water jet cutter.

A water jet cutter is a tool that can cut Marble Art or granite with a jet of water at high speed and high pressure. You can also use a mixture of water and abrasives for operations such as cutting.
Forming, engraving, reaming.
CIDG uses waterjet technology whenever possible. This is because there is no “heat-affected zone”, which allows cutting without affecting the inherent structure of the material. This means that metal can be cut without damaging or altering its inherent properties.


Summary of CIDG


CID Egypt has all marble art tiles types and colors, marble art for house exterior, the biggest natural stone supplier in Egypt

  • About marble art 

Marble may be used anywhere in the house and is admired for its classic design Marble Art, texture, and high-gloss polish in addition to a wide range of exquisite hues. Marble Art is one of the most adaptable decorative stones since it comes in solid or strikingly veined variations and can be carved or sculpted in many different ways. Modern technology makes exquisite marble items accessible to even the most frugal homeowners. Marble Art is frequently seen as a symbol of luxury.

Even though it has been used to create Marble Art since before the invention of writing, marble is most frequently associated with the heroic, idealized, and exquisite sculptures of the human form produced at the height of the Greek and Roman empires. Marble is a pale, metamorphic rock that is derived from limestone.

Its natural features offered the chance to depict their Gods’ human shapes in naturalist detail.

Marble  was valued for its naturalistic physical characteristics, durability, and translucency. Marble’s allusion to the antique world, including Hellenistic Greece and the Roman Empire, was a favorite among Renaissance Italian painters.

Marble  is a beautiful natural stone. Homeowners have long appreciated it for its traditional and timeless beauty, as well as its links with luxury. It has also been utilized in monuments all throughout the world because of its distinctive and luxurious texture.

  • Applications of marble art
  • Balustrade Marble Art
  • Wall cladding Marble Art
  • Flooring tiles Marble Art
  • Mosaic tiles Marble Art
  • Veneer tiles Marble Art
  • Sculptures Marble Art
  • Advantages of using marble art
  • Only marble has a slight translucency subsurface scattering that is comparable to that of human skin. It is this translucency that gives a marble art a visual depth beyond.
  • It’s relatively soft and easy to work when first quarried.
  • Marble is extremely durable
  • Varieties of Colors and Patterns
  • Glassy Effect
  • Edges:

Choosing the ideal edge profile for your particular taste and design style will optimize your design and add the finishing touch to your surface.

Edges profile available:

  • Flat edge
  • Half bevel edges
  • Half bullnose edge
  • Demi bullnose edge
  • Full bullnose edge
  • 1\4 top – bottom round edge
  • 1\4 top round edge
  • Ogee edge
  • Ogee bullnose edge
  • Waterfall edge
  • Dupont edge
  • Cove edge
  • Cove – ogee edge
  • Arris edge
  • Reverse edge
  • 1\4 bevel edge
  • Finishes:
  • Polished: A high gloss, mirror-like surface is produced by grinding, sanding, and shining.
  • Honed: The finish is produced by grinding and sanding, and it is not glossy. This works best in settings with heavy usage and little upkeep.
  • Tumbled: A mixture of sand, water, and weak acid is used to tumble stones to give them an aged appearance.
  • Available sizes:
  • Cut to size
  • Small opus pattern
  • Tiles
  • Our factory can produce different sizes of tiles and different thicknesses as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm
  • Common Marble Tiles sizes are: 30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80,60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100x100cm
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