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Egyptian alabaster | difference between real and fake alabaster?

If you are looking for A place that offers you Egyptian alabaster for sale, you are now in the right place.

First, you must know all the details about Egyptian alabaster, which we will discuss in this article.

Alabaster is a mineral and soft rock used in sculpture. It is a stone composed of crystallized and compressed calcium carbonate. Alabaster is characterized by its white or yellowish-white color, and its thin sections are somewhat transparent with veins.

Alabaster has three different forms: an opaque, chalky type that can be ground and used in plaster, and the second type is partially transparent. The third type is completely transparent and is used in lighting and shadow installations.

Ancient Egyptian alabaster

The use of alabaster dates back to the Pharaonic era, where it was one of the distinctive stones of the ancient Egyptians, due to its beautiful shape after polishing and the ease of working with it due to its softness.

In ancient Egypt, alabaster was widely used for many purposes, such as making basic household items, sacrificial tools, and funerary items such as coffins. It was also used in paving paths, covering stones, and making niches. The use of alabaster began during the First Dynasty, when it was used in a room in the Valley Temple of King Khafre. As well as in paving the middle part of the Pyramid of Teti and other temples, sidewalks, and various rooms. Until now, it is considered one of the most commonly used stones, so if you are looking for A place that offers you Egyptian alabaster for sale, you should complete the article with us until the end.

Egyptian alabaster for sale

Are you looking for a place that offers you Egyptian alabaster for sale to use in your home?

Alabaster is an ideal choice for use at home. It works to provide high-quality lighting, warmth, and a golden glow to the room. Therefore, it is one of the unique and distinctive options that adds a beautiful touch to the home.

When searching for a place that offers you Egyptian alabaster for sale, you must not look for the lowest price so that you do not make the mistake of buying imitation alabaster. Therefore, you should know that alabaster lighting fixtures can be expensive. Therefore, you must differentiate between original alabaster and imitation. The original alabaster gives you unique lighting that stands the test of time. This requires you to stay away from fake alabaster, even if its cost is much lower than the original alabaster because this fake does not have the same attractiveness or value as the original alabaster.

How can anyone know the difference between real and fake alabaster?

To differentiate between real alabaster and fake, you need to consider three things: Fake alabaster is much lighter than real alabaster; It weighs less than half the weight of original alabaster. Genuine alabaster also has random veins and natural color changes throughout it, so if the color is very uniform, this piece may be a fake.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a specialized place that offers you Egyptian alabaster for sale, you can rely heavily on CIDG, which offers you original alabaster at the best price.

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