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CIDG Interior Design

What We Do?

  CIDG Interior Design

       For town houses, villas, apartments, malls and hotels

      What we do?
         CIDG Egypt managing a team of designers and coordinate various consultants and work streams under
         demanding deadline for Interior Design. Through these and generally other projects of townhouses,
         villas, apartments, malls and hotels, which particularly is quite significant.
We provide:

 CIDG Interior Design

  • Building materials and systems.
    Sustainability techniques and construction administration on complex projects.
    We have extensive experience with a broad range of Interior Design and management software including Auto Cad, Sketchup, and Adobe suite.

 CIDG Interior Design

  • Interior design and decoration for townhouses, villas, apartments, medical centers, and administration buildings.
    Internal finishing.
    Quality control.
    Furniture and Materials.
    Outdoors landscaping.
    Constructive and exterior designs for residential areas.
    interior design styles


Summary of CIDG

Egyptian natural stones add a warm touch and appearance to a variety of applications in modern interior design
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Wholesale Natural Stone Tiles / Slabs. We sell natural stone tiles and slabs.

We offer the best marble tiles at very reasonable costs. You can view our product line below and request a price by contacting us to help you in your interior design art deco
Our marble tiles are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Please let us know what you need. We usually respond within 24 hours. Please also provide us with the sizes and number of Marble tiles for an accurate quote… Send us your inquiry Now.

  • Natural Stone Applications for Interior Design
  • Floor tiling
  • Wall cladding
  • Wall tiles for bathrooms
  • Bathroom sink
  • Kitchen countertops
  • kitchen backsplash
  • Worktops and tabletops
  • Paving tiling
  • Driveways and roads
  • Paving around pools
  • Fountains
  • Art and wall decorations
  • Carvings
  • Monuments and sculptures, etc.
  • Advantages of natural stone in Interior Design
  • Its strong and stiff enough to handle heavy duty regions.
  • It’s not slippery, so it’s suitable for heavy traffic.
  • It has a fantastic botanical look that other materials can’t always replicate.
  • It is simple to wave since it does not appeal to allergies or dust.
  • When added to the design, the house’s worth increases.
  • Because each stone is unique, it adds value and uniqueness to the design.
  • Adequate insulation keeps interiors warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Edges:
  • Choosing the suitable aspect profile
    for your particular flavor and layout style will
    optimize your layout and add the completing touch to
    your surface.

Edges profile available:

  • Flat edge
  • Half bevel edges
  • Half bullnose edge
  • Demi bullnose edge
  • Full bullnose edge
  • Cove edge
  • Cove – ogee edge
  • Arris edge
  • Reverse edge
  • 1\4 bevel edge
  • 1\4 top – bottom round edge
  • 1\4 top round edge
  • Ogee bullnose edge
  • Waterfall edge
  • Dupont edge
  • Ogee edge

  • Finishes for Interior Design:
  • Polished: Grinding, sanding, and shining give a high gloss, mirror-like surface.
  • Flamed: To create a flamed surface, disclose the stone to a high-temperature torch flame, which burns the majority of the carbon content material at the same time as leaving textured quartzites with a mild coloring.
  • Honed: The finish is not shiny and is achieved through grinding and sanding. This works best in conditions with high utilization and low maintenance…
  • Tumbled: A combination of sand, water, and susceptible acid is used to tumble stones to offer them an aged
  • Split Face: This is executed via way of means of breaking stone, both manually or mechanically, to offer the floor an herbal quarry texture, that’s ordinarily used for cladding. It offers the advent of jutting bricks due to its choppy the front floor and flat back.
  • Stone veneer: Any stone used as ornamental wall cladding that isn’t always meant to guide Veneer can be produced with quite a few floor treatments, such as cut up face, cleft, honed, polished, flamed, or tumbled.
  • Sandblasted: By making use of a excessive strain sand blast to the stone’s surface, a hard however neat appearance has been produced.
  • Brushed: A brushed finish is achieved by putting quite hard plastic or definitely metal brushes to the stone surface, resulting in a rough-raised and very smooth textured surface with a gorgeous antiqued and aged actually seem that is primarily traditional and ageless.
  • Acid wash: Acid wash is a chemical treatment that is applied to the surface of the stone in a significant amount to give it a sparkling antique look with minor etches on the surface and less scratches.
  • Bush hammered: Bush hammered is a technique in which the surface of the stone is hammered by a tool, resulting in deep ridges and a pretty natural rough texture, with a rough, weathered effect that is quite substantial with a non-slip property.
  • Available sizes for Interior Design:
  • Our factory can produce different sizes of tiles and different thicknesses as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm
  • Common Marble Tiles sizes are: 30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80,60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100x100cm
  • Cut to size
  • Small opus pattern
  • Large opus pattern
  • Tiles
  • Slabs

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