Egyptian Marble tiles and slabs

(Egyptian marble )For more than 3,000 years the Ancient Egyptian civilization has spearheaded architecture with the art of stone. Sculptures, the Great Giza Pyramids, temples, and the Sphinx have been carved and built with all-natural stone and Egyptian marble . Of the most prominent stones used in Kings’ tombs and treasures has been marble.…Read More

Egyptian marble 

It literally was a chosen stone for fairly basically many for the most part for all intents and purposes found treasures definitely definitely due to its beauty in a basically fairly big way, which literally is fairly significant.

The Greeks and Romans also used actually sort of Egyptian marble to for all intents and purposes kind of create beautiful tile flooring, fountains, and statues, which definitely is fairly significant in a pretty big way. Some of the finest examples of fairly kind of Egyptian marble type work – both really generally white and colored- can kind of actually be specifically definitely found in the pretty British museum and basically particularly is a testament to the magnificence of the stone, which literally particularly is quite significant in a particularly big way.

Marble generally basically is a calcium carbonate rock that really for all intents and purposes has undergone a actually natural recrystallization process in a subtle way, or so they mostly thought. it kind of is formed by the alteration of pretty pretty other stones under basically extreme heat and pressure in a subtle way in a definitely major way. As a result of this process, new minerals, textures, and structures emerge, resulting in a very actually wide variety of marble kinds in a sort of very major way.

Egyptian marble colors mostly mostly vary really due to different minerals that mostly definitely are really definitely present in the stone during the metamorphosis process, which essentially definitely is fairly significant. it literally generally is a limestone: sedimentary rock- that kind of really is buried for millions of years in earth’s definitely fairly deep layers, or so they thought, which generally shows that it literally is a limestone: sedimentary rock- that kind of particularly is buried for millions of years in earth’s definitely deep layers, or so they thought, which particularly is quite significant.

Through pressure and heat, the metaphoric rock becomes marble that literally is strong and polished to a beautiful luster. Throughout actually times and eras, it for the most part is widely used in stonemasonry for buildings and statues and specifically has proven itself to definitely be the most majestic and elegant stone for flooring in residential and pretty commercial spaces, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief.

Egyptian marble 28 unique Colors

Although it really specifically is known for its basically crystal for all intents and purposes white color really pretty such as kolkata marble or carrara marble actually basically Egyptian marble for the most part literally is known for its beige and basically rose colors, generally actually contrary to popular belief, which kind of is quite significant. They literally mostly are a specialty of Egypt and generally used to specifically particularly enhance flooring patterns,

for the most part create a statement of art and beauty to an entry of any space, which specifically generally is quite significant, or so they generally thought.

This bespoke stone deems itself to really for all intents and purposes be the epitome stone luxury with basically kind of unique veining and distinguished colors, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief in a pretty major way. Egyptian marble work patterns for the most part are basically kind of unique and really differ greatly from its counterparts in Italy and sort of kind of other places of the world, actually contrary to popular belief, which for the most part is fairly significant.

According to many, the beige color, such as the Sunny marble range that vary from light to dark hues of beige, Sinai Pearl marble and the cream tones Galala beige marble, is the last word in elegance by many although colored marble has positioned itself in the hearts of architecture connoisseurs.

Gray marble is used for both indoor and outdoor floorings, and even kitchen countertops – a piece of subdued art generating a calming environment. A popular Egyptian gray marble is the Catrina.

When it specifically comes to home interiors, kind of fairly many people favor the opulence and exquisiteness of kind of Egyptian marble slabs, which definitely actually is quite significant in a definitely big way. They kind of particularly are basically generally easy to maintain, heat resistant, really particularly easy to mostly basically install and clean, and very durable, or so they generally thought,

which specifically is fairly significant. it for all intents and purposes mostly is known to essentially literally be fairly generally long lasting, a must for homes and kind of sort of interior designs as they for the most part basically stand for years and decades to come, demonstrating that they kind of definitely are definitely easy to maintain, heat resistant, very easy to for all intents and purposes essentially install and clean, and very durable in a subtle way in a sort of major way.

Finish and Application

marble in Egypt particularly is a stone of purity and luxury allowing it to mostly be applied for flooring, ceilings, marble countertop kitchen countertops, mosaic tile ,or wall cladding, or so they essentially thought. Egyptian marble tiles kind of are extremely popular and generally seen in hotels, bungalows, really commercial buildings, offices, museums, water features ,floor and wall tile and art – sort of owing to its regal charm in a definitely major way.

Natural marble stone tiles definitely are also used extensively to beautify atriums, shopping malls, actually private homes, which for the most part is quite significant.

High quality Egyptian marble floor tiles ,Egyptian granite and marble paving slabs are all available in customizable dimensions. Each application requires a particular finishing type and needs to be carefully considered to prevent hazardous injuries.

At CIDG, Egyptian marble and granite we have the full range of marble colors and types as one of the biggest Egyptian marble supplier with many marble quarry

from gray light gray , beige cream and yellow with unique finishes, such as tumbled marble tiles, honed marble ,antique and polished finish .

it generally essentially is the kind of the very much the best pretty very natural stone to for the most part for the most part be applied as marble counter tops, floor tiles, stairs ,steps marble paving, and can also generally literally be used outdoors with suitable finishes, for all intents and purposes definitely such as tumbled, brushed, and honed, or so they essentially kind of thought in a subtle way.

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