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Creative Interior Design Group (CIDG) was established to supply the world with Marble, Granite and stoneware items directly from our quarries and Factories in Egypt.

CIDG Egypt is driven by a love of Stone and an ethos of quality, customer service, and reliability 

Especially for manufacturing our Marble, Limestone and Granite products we have our Cairo-based Factory and workshops, including all the top of the range machinery necessary: gang-saws, automatic and semi-automatic polishers, automatic and semi-automatic cutting machines, contouring machines 3 production full automatic processing lines for Marble & Granite with a modern C.N.C Machine .       MORE INFO..

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CID Egypt supply Jerusalem Stone Tiles, Jerusalem Gold & Jerusalem Light.   MORE INFO..


CIDG Egypt the Egyptian Marble Supplier which delivers high-quality Marbles, Granites, and Limestone from Egypt.

At Creative Interior Design Group, we are committed to providing only the finest of Marble, Limestone, and Granite Stones to our customers.

 Affordable and quality Stones with a fine way of packing. Well then visit us and look at the range of products that we are offering to people all over the world.

CIDG Egyptian Limestone and  Marble provided at Egyptian Prices, CIDG Egypt provides quality Marble as it is one of the best Egyptian Marble Supplier, Limestone and Granite. If you would like to purchase the best Marble, our experienced team look forward to hearing from you to discuss your project 

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We are amongst the best Marble Companies in Egypt providing high-quality Marbles and Granite Tiles and Slabs

Beige LimestoneTiles and Beige Marble Flooring. supplying Egyptian Marbles tiles and Granite We are Creative Interior Design Group ( offering services for Granite Flooring, For both Marbles and Granite, we provide a custom shape manufacturing. No.1 Granite Company, Granite Suppliers. factories  Natural Stone Designer in Egypt. This is because we want to be called as the number One Granite and Marble company  Marble Floor Design. Egyptian marble and granite factories

Egyptian Limestone Tiles and Egyptian Granite favorite floor tiles for many. Customers visit our website at

A super mixture of color and durability is what you will get in our Granite in Egypt. We are a premium supplier for Marble Bathroom and Granites all across the globe.

Egyptian Grey limestone

Marble Granite & Limestone CIDG Packing

Tura Stone (Pharos limestone)

ABOUT US Factories, Natural Stone Designers of Egypt.

Our Egyptian Marble, Limestone and Granite factories are premium manufacturer of Marble, Granite and natural Egyptian Stone across the globe.

We pride ourselves for being renown as one of the finest Marble and Granite companies in Egypt today.

A diverse mixture of colors and unrivaled durability is what Egyptian Marble, Egyptian Limestone, Egyptian Granite, and Egyptian Natural Stone is famous for.

The Marble, Granite and Egyptian Stone Suppliers Minefield. 

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CIDG Egypt, the finest Granite, Limestone & Marble Company in Egypt makes it easy. Customers simply visit our website at and the process is simple. 

Egypt Marble

Marble from CIDG Egypt:
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Marble Interior and Exterior, Marble for Bathroom, Marble Counter tops, Swimming Pool, Marble Stone, Marble for Kitchen.
Types of Egyptian Marble:  Sinai Pearl Tumbled Marble, Galala Marble, Galala Beige Marble, Sunny Marble, Triesta Marble, Samaha Marble, Melly Grey Marble, Nile Grey Marble, Fura Selsla, Sunny Menia Egyptian Marble
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we offers to you all products in all dimensions and all finishes such as; Egyptian Polished Marble, Tumbled Marble, Honed Marble, Acid Wash Marble, Bush-hammered, sandblasted, Flamed….etc.

Egypt Granite

Granite from CIDG Egypt:
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Granite Kitchen Counter-tops, Granite Slabs, Granite Rock, Granite Tiles.
Types of Egyptian Granite: Yellow Verdi Ghazal Egyptian Granite, Red Wadi Forsan, Bianco Halayeb, Halayeb, Red Aswan, Giandola Aswan, Rosa El Nasr, Nero Aswan.
we offers to you all productes in all dimensions and all finishes such as; Egyptian Polished Granite, Flamed Granite From Egypt.
Granite Backsplash, Egyptian Granite favorite floor tiles, Granite that looks like Marble, yellow Granite from Egypt, Gazel Valley Yellow, yellow Granite from Egypt.

Egyptian Limestone

Egyptian Stoneware from CIDG Egypt:
Egyptian Natural Stones bring a warm look and finish to all Manner of Applications.
We Specialize in Egyptian Stoneware, Natural Egyptian Stone for Stone Flooring, Natural Stone Tiles, Sinai Marble & Stone.
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