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Tura stone (pharos limestone):

Tura Limestone, used for the Great Pyramid casing stones

The Tura stone quarries (limestone):

CIDG produce The Tura quarries (or Maasara quarries) lie south of Cairo on the eastern shore of the Nile, from our factories in Shaq El Thoban.

These quarries yield limestones of very high quality – white, very fine-grained, not very porous and somewhat harder than the limestone from Giza.

Tura limestone can easily be cut and formed but when being exposed to air it hardens after a certain time. Because the stones weather to a slightly yellowish tone, they were extracted already during the time of building the pyramids from layers deep down, and even from underground.

The Tura stone quarries (limestone):

           Tura Limestone

Density                                                                                           2600 – 2900 kg/m³

Water Absorption                                                                                 0,2 – 0,6 %

Compressive strength                                                                     80- 180 N/mm²

Bending strength                                                                               5- 15 N/mm²

Abrasion resistance                                                                      15 – 40 cm³/50cm²

Mohs hardness                                                                                            4

Properties                                              Limestone from the Giza plateau has well visible fossils (Nummulites)

Egypt Stone:

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Galala, a Limestone from Egypt 

Galala Beige, a beige Limestone from Egypt 

Giallo Atlantide, a yellow Limestone from Egypt 

Giallo Cleopatra, a yellow Limestone from Egypt 

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