Tura stone (pharos limestone)

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Tura stone

Tura Tiles

Egyptian natural stones bring a warm look and finish to all manner of applications one of the ancient natural stone in Egypt is Tura stone

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 Egyptian natural stones really convey a warm appearance and finish to all manner of applications.

Tura stone Limestone is one of the historical natural stone in Egypt, which was used for building the Pyramid during the ancient pharaonic times.

The Tura stone quarries lie south of Cairo on the eastern shore of the Nile, from our factories in Shaq El Thoban, which literally is a quite significant one. These quarries specifically yield limestones of very high-quality white color, very high-quality grained texture, not very porous and quite more difficult than the limestone from Giza.

Tura stone limestone can easily be reduced and formed however when being exposed to air it hardens after a very sure time, in a quite significant way. Because the stones weather to a slightly yellowish tone, they had been essentially extracted already for the duration of the time of constructing the pyramids from layers deep down, or even from underground, which specifically is quite significant. Tura stone limestone used to actually construct the pyramid core, whilst this nice white limestone changed into regularly hired for the outer casing in addition to cowl indoors walls.

Tura stone might actually have given the pyramid a pretty easy floor and been pretty shiny and reflective. It changed with time into used during the antique state the pyramids of the Middle Kingdom. The particularly certain temples used Tura stone limestone to start the temple. The Tura stone limestone changed into deep particularly underground.  Almost all of those casing stones actually had been stripped off the pyramid with inside the historical beyond as they essentially had been crafted from excessive high-satisfactory stone and had been beneficial for constructing the metropolis of Cairo and for generating limestone mortar in a basically major way.


  • Tura Stone Limestone Specifications
  • Density                             2600 – 2900 kg/m³
  • Water Absorption              0,2 – 0,6 %
  • Compressive strength      80- 180 N/mm²
  • Bending strength              5- 15 N/mm²
  • Abrasion resistance         15 – 40 cm³/50cm²
  • Mohs hardness                4
  • Properties                        Limestone from the Giza plateau has well visible fossils (Nummulites)
  • Installation process of Tura stone:

Regardless of the construction of your substrate, the surface must be clean and clear of any contaminating elements. Any oils, waxes, paint, curing agents, or loose debris should be removed. This is required for the stone cladding to adhere to the surface adequately.

      2. LAY OUT YOUR Tura Stone

When dealing with a Free Form stone or a Linear pattern, it may be beneficial to lay out your stone pieces on the ground before beginning to adhere the cladding to the substrate. Natural stone’s marks, texture, and color tones have evolved over thousands of years. This implies that the appearance of each piece will differ. There will be no two identical pieces of natural stone cladding. This difference is not a flaw. The point is the inherent faults and differences. Laying out the stone cladding can assist you in arranging the stones according to size, color, and textural variety. This will aid in the creation of the most visually appealing setup.

   3. Use a quality adhesive

A appropriate natural stone adhesive must be used to ensure a successful cladding installation and lifetime. When dealing with adhesives, be certain that the back of each stone piece is clean and dust-free. To apply the glue to the substrate, use a notched trowel. The bed should be at least 2mm thick. Before sticking each stone to the surface, fully back butter it. Working in small, controllable sections will help ensure that the adhesive does not skin over prior to laying the stone. Any remaining adhesive should be sponged off shortly after application. After that, the stone cladding should be left alone for at least 24 hours.

    4. PROTECT YOUR Tura Stone 

After you’ve finished installing the stone cladding, you should clean and seal the surface. Sealing is an important step in preserving the beauty and longevity of natural stone veneer. It is especially important in outdoor applications or in damp environments such as a pool or a restroom. The provider can make recommendations for appropriate sealing products for your specific project and material.

Tura Stone Applications:

Tura Stone:

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  • Tura Limestone Applications

 Egyptian Tura limestone is available in a wide range size.

It might be an excellent choice for your wall cladding if you are looking for a fancy space.

  • Advantages of natural stone
  • Durability and stiffness as it can handle heavy traffic.
  • It’s not slippery that fits for heavy duty areas.
  • Provides a unique natural appearance that can’t be found with other materials.
  • Easily cleaned as it doesn’t appeal to allergens or dust
  • Increase the value of home when added to the design.
  • It adds value and uniqueness to the design, since each stone is different from each other.
  • Helps keep the interior space worm in winter and cool in summer, because it offers suitable amount of insulation.
  • Offers various shapes, sizes and finishes that gives variety of selections and applications.


  • Selection and Ordering:

Creative Interior Design Group (CIDGoften provides a large variety of Tura limestone sizes and finishes selections to suit any design. We are confident that we primarily have the natural stone that will fairly fit your project.

Browse our selection or consult with our design team today for help determining the pattern and Tura limestone size that is right for you.

Once you have selected what you need, contact our customer service department to request a price quote and start your order. Your stone will be precisely cut to size in our state-of-the-art factory.

Following that, CIDG will then carefully package and ship your order, keeping you informed and updated throughout the process. As Egypt’s leading natural stone wholesale supplier, our team is ready to ensure your ordering and shipping process is fast, smooth, and reliable.

  • Design Inspiration:

Tura Natural stone is one of our most popular options, it emulates an elegant appearance with its white color, offering a light and open design.

It was used to build pyramids in ancient times with soft textured surface and white color giving a fearless and powerful appearance.


  • Finishes:
  • Split face surfaces specifically are those which generally are left natural after the fairly manual splitting of the stone. This really finish showcases the actually natural beauty and earthy tone of the stone.
  • Tumbled Stones mostly are placed in a solution of sand, water, and mild acid, which creates an old-world essentially look yet fairly full of warmth in a very big way, adding depth and variety to a room, which is fairly significant.
  • Sand blasted stone has a fairly rough finish which literally is achieved when a stone is subjected to a high-pressure blast of water and siliceous sand through an air gun, until it gives a fine and textured appearance that gives the impression of a combed beach in a big way.
  • Edges:

Selecting the ideal edge profile for your particular design taste and style optimizes your design and gives the final touches to your surface.

Edges profile available:

  • Flat edge
  • Half bullnose edges
  • Demi bullnose edge


  • Available sizes:
  • Small opus pattern
  • Cut to size


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We focus on manufacturing the most exquisite natural stone with precision in our state-of-the-art factory and cutting-edge machinery.

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