Marble packing ,our special way for packing for Egyptian marble tiles , and Egyptian granite and for all natural stone to insure quality -CIDG Egyptian marble supplier who take packing as half of the job to be done perfectly 

Marble, Granite, and Limestone CIDG Packing 

CIDG seriously consider that the quality of packing is as important as the quality of product and it is indeed a hard fact at our company that we never saved on the cost on the packing used such as wood or other packing materials so that your stone products reach you without any hassle, breakage or scratches. The crux of the matter is “we take all possible steps” to ensure 100% that your polished granite slabs and polished marble slabs reach safely to your destinations.

Marble Slabs  Packing 

– Large Egyptian Marble Slabs and Large Egyptian Granite slabs are packed in fumigated wooden bundles / crates with the help of C-clamp. Our wooden bundles are always being made by best quality wood and firmly locked / fastened. Slabs in the bundles are tightly compressed. CIDG put a plastic sheet between each slab to avoid friction during the transit. We tightly and correctly fastened / locked all wooden bundles between each other and nailed down to the floor of the container so that the bundles can not shift during transit.

Standard Cut Size Tiles CIDG Packing 

As per international Norms, we pack our stone tiles directly in fumigated wooden crates, each tile is to be separated by soft paper strips which will avoid friction during the transit. CIDG put a polythene sheet as a cover on each wooden crate / wooden pallet and then we tighten each wooden crate with iron / plastic strip. Inside the container, the wooden crates are being tightly locked / fastened to each other so that the boxes can not shift.

10 mm Modular Tiles Packing 

10 mm tiles are firstly packed in Styrofoam boxes or paper corrugated boxes as per client’s instructions and further they are packed into fumigated wooden crate. Wooden Crates are fixed and tightened by iron / plastic strips. Specially for calibrated tiles, we need extra carton boxes or Styrofoam boxes.


 Marble Blocks’ Packing  

Blocks of granite and marble are loaded into containers with special cranes and we always put blocks in the container on fumigated wooden rails to avoid movement of blocks inside the container.

Marking on the crates / bundles  

Each of our wooden crates have a mark indicating Name of the Material, Billing Sizes, Quantity of Slabs / Tiles in a crate / bundle, Block number from which the slabs cam and Made in Egypt marks.
Dimensions of the GP container: The Shipping of stone products is done in 20 ft long containers and the dimension of the GP container

Approximate weight of granite / marble for the calculations: 

Thickness 10 mm – 27 kg/m2, thickness 20 mm – 58 kg/m2 , thickness 30 mm – 85 kg/m2, blocks 2700 kg/m3

The allowable load weight of the natural stone in containers:

 For European destination, we always put 27 metric tons in the container
For USA destination we always put 21 metric tons in the container

Container Capacities:

 Although we load the weight and quantity as per our client’s instructions but usually we packing and ship the containers 

with the following quantities: 

10 mm thick tiles – 800 Sq. Mtrs. in the container
20 mm thick tiles / slabs – 500 Sq. Mtrs. in the container
30 mm thick tiles / slabs – 285 to 310 Sq. Mtrs. in the container

We take care of every container loading and take digital images after fastened/locking the wooden crates inside of the containers and send them to our client for their satisfaction. For Granite Countertops Packing, Granite Steps Risers Packing, Granite Vanity Tops Packing, Granite Cube Stone Packing we always work strictly as per client’s instructions. please contact us for more information 


  • Packing:

     CIDG uses the highest international standards for shipping and packing to provide excellence and to ensure that our products reach our clients in the best possible condition.

  • Wooden Crates:

         CIDG uses fine quality of wood for making crates.

  • Impact Protection:

        CIDG uses different impact-resistant materials to protect the product such as Thermocol & Foam.

  • Iron Strips:

        To increase the strength CIDG uses iron strips.