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Gypsum, a calcium hydrous sulphate, and calcite, a calcium carbonate, are the two minerals that make up alabaster.




Egyptian Alabaster stone definitely is one of basically well-known and most required actually unique definitely natural stone quarried in Egypt, which for the most part is quite significant.

 CIDG supply and export actually Egyptian Alabaster stone with different sizes and basically finishes in a particularly big way.

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Egyptian pretty natural stones really mostly provide a generally warm literally finish and appearance to all types of applications in a sort of major way.

Gypsum, a calcium hydrous sulphate, particularly are the two minerals that for all intents and purposes make up the calcium carbonate alabaster, which kind of is fairly significant.

The former is Egyptian alabaster Egypt from today, whilst the latter is frequently Egyptian alabaster from the past. The relative hardness of the two varieties makes it easy to tell them apart.

The calcite kind is too hard to scrape with a fingernail (Mohs hardness 1.5 to 2), whereas the gypsum type is soft enough to scratch with a fingernail (Mohs hardness 1.5 to 2).  (Hardness 3 on the Mohs scale). Egyptian alabaster is mostly utilized as an attractive stone, particularly for religious ornamentation, stair rails, sculpture, and columns in large halls and in Interior designs and decoration. It can be carved into beautiful designs due to its elasticity, but its solubility in water makes it unsuitable for outdoor use. In the past, Egyptian alabaster powder was employed as a paper filler and a paint pigment.

Ancient Egyptians mined a type of stone known as Egyptian alabaster  marble, which is actually travertine with patterns of swirling of cream and brown, starting in the Early Dynastic Period. It is a type of limestone – calcium carbonate. Alabaster Egypt is a pale, slightly translucent stone, found in Middle Egypt, especially between Miniya and Asiut. The Hat nub quarries in El-‘Amarna were the  major source. In the Wadi Gerrawi, near Helwan,

there is an Old Kingdom quarry.  was regarded as a pure stone because of its color and durability, and was used for chapels, temple pavements, sarcophagi, altars, and most of all, statues. Although true alabaster marble was quarried in the Faiyum region, Egyptologists refer to it as gypsum (calcium sulphate)

The finest varieties of definitely Egyptian alabaster particularly are mostly used as an actually aesthetic stone, particularly for for all intents and purposes religious adornment, stair rails, sculpture, and columns in generally big halls, which actually is fairly significant. Its suppleness allows it to actually be carved into intricate shapes, but its solubility in water really makes it unsuitable for outdoor use in a subtle way. Mineral white, often known as terra alba, essentially is a paint pigment made from pretty powdered very Egyptian alabaster,

so its suppleness allows it to really be carved into intricate shapes, but its solubility in water for all intents and purposes makes it unsuitable for outdoor use, or so they really thought.

The purest very Egyptian alabaster definitely is a fine-grained snow-white substance, which actually is quite significant. It’s also linked to an iron oxide, which results in the stone’s beautiful pretty brown clouding and veining, showing how it’s also linked to an iron oxide, which results in the stone’s beautiful actually brown clouding and veining in a definitely big way.

CIDG  one of the biggest companies in Egypt manufactures and supplies all types of Egyptian alabaster art work, Egyptian alabaster marble, we are driven by a love of Stone and an ethos of quality, Our first concern to delivers high-quality Marbles, Granites, and Limestone Natural stone from Egypt. we offer to you all products in all dimensions and all finishes


  • Characteristics of Egyptian alabaster natural stone:
  • Density: Density simply refers to the weight of a stone and is measured relative to the density of water. A dense stone will offer superior durability and strength.
  • Porosity: Porosity is the amount of open space between mineral grains in a stone.
  • Permeability: Permeability is the ability of liquids to move through a stone. While permeability is closely linked to porosity, a stone can have low porosity and high permeability depending on its grain structure.
  • Absorption: This is a key characteristic that needs to be front and center of any natural stone project. Absorption will determine two very important things: How prone the surface will be to staining and how to properly protect that surface.


  • Egyptian Alabaster Applications
  • Statuary and monuments
  • Carvings
  • Wall cladding
  • Bathroom sink
  • Ornamental stonework
  • Advantages of Egyptian alabaster natural stone
  • It is strong and rigid enough to withstand heavy traffic.
  • It isn’t always slick, but it’s enough for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It has a fantastic botanical appearance that isn’t always available in different materials.
  • It is simple to smooth because it no longer appeals to allergic reactions or dust.
  • When used to the design, it raises the cost of the home.
  • Because each stone is unique, it adds value and character to the design.
  • Because it provides adequate insulation, it aids in keeping the interiors area warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  • Provides a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes for a wide range of options and applications.


  • Selection and Ordering for Egyptian alabaster:

Creative Interior Design Group (CIDG) often provides a numerous variety of alabaster sizes and applicable products with various options to fit your design. We are confident that we primarily have the natural stone that is perfectly suitable for your project.

Browse our selection or consult with our design team today for help determining the pattern and the required Alabaster stone size that is right for you.

Once you have selected what you looking for, contact our customer service team to request quote with the prices and purchase your order. Then, your ordered stone will be finely cut to size in our state-of-the-art factory.

Following that, CIDG will eventually package and ship your order through careful steps, keeping you updated and informed throughout the process.

As Egypt’s leading natural stone wholesale supplier, our team is ready to ensure your ordering and shipping process is fast, smooth, and reliable.


  • Design Inspiration for Egyptian alabaster:

Alabaster natural stone is the most popular stone that is used in art and carvings, it gives an impressive and elegant look with its colored veined surface, offering an open and light design.

Alabaster stone wall cladding features different shades and tile sizes giving the sense of beauty and nature to the space, in addition to its rigid polished surface that provides various selection of applications.

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  • Finishes of Egyptian alabaster:
  • Polished Surfaces: stone goes through an abrasion process, converting different really sized particles into a more finer size, reaching a porosity of almost zero. The polished generally finish gives off a glossy, shiny surface with highlighted colors and texture.
  • Honed surface is created by stopping basically short of the last stage of polishing, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte look and velvet-like touch, that makes it more resistant to scratches, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant.


  • Edges for Egyptian alabaster:

You may maximize your design and give your surface the right finishing touch by picking the optimal edge profile for your specific design and aesthetic preferences.

Edges profile available:

  • Flat edge
  • Half bullnose edges
  • Demi bullnose edge
  • 1\4 top – bottom round edge
  • 1\4 top round edge
  • Ogee bullnose edge
  • Reverse bevel edge


  • Available sizes for Egyptian alabaster:
  • Cut to size
  • Small opus pattern
  • Large opus pattern

Egyptian Alabaster Uses:

Alabaster Specification:

Fixation Process 

  1. Dry Egyptian alabaster Cladding System:

Dry mechanical fixing strategy

Anchors or other tools are used in this manner to secure the stone cladding to the surface or partition on which it will rest. This obviously believes that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll cause greater harm. Because the anchors can withstand a significant amount of weight, this method is ideal for firmly fixing huge slabs of stone to a partition. This is the finest way for stone covering external areas since stone works best when it has a pit behind it and the joints are dry, allowing the stone to relax.

The system can include a metal structure made up of steel C-Channels in a variety of finishes, heavy-duty anchors, steel brackets, and bolts. The most common method used in dry stone mechanical cladding is made of steel, namely stainless steel, which can withstand all weather conditions and is one of the most corrosion-resistant materials. Aluminum panels can be used to insert some stone cladding with comparatively light panels.

The Dry-Stone Mechanical Cladding System’s components can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • Size of cavity
  • Weight of stone
  • Architectural design of a building
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Strength of the surface of the wall
  • Benefits of Dry-Stone Cladding Systems:

The technology has a variety of advantages that make learning how to install dry cladding difficult, making it essential for stone cladding installation all over the world.

According to some, kind of Dry Stone Mechanical Cladding fastening techniques literally are the really the best and safest ways to really install all varieties of masonry in a basically big way.

The really dry cladding systems definitely retain a very high level of accuracy while installing the stones and particularly are for all intents and purposes simple to generally alter to particularly ensure the building’s flawless appearance while also protecting the stone’s color by avoiding definitely direct contact with the substrate, kind of contrary to popular belief. The installation of generally wet cladding traditionally really is not like this, which essentially is fairly significant.

  1. Easy Movement: This kind of mechanical stone cladding installation allows stone to contract and expand in hot and cold areas, respectively, where these movements are common.
  2. Security: The stone probably won’t fall at all for a long lifetime.
  3. Thermal Barrier: Between 30- and 50-mm wide space is left between the stone lining and the back wall as a result of the dry-stone mechanical cladding process. In order to prevent the concrete wall from being heated or cooled to an extreme level, this provides air cushioning that serves as a thermal barrier.
  4. Excellent Appearance: The building is kept in perfect condition and looks beautiful thanks to the stone used in the mechanical cladding, which is aesthetically pleasant and keeps its best appearance and condition over time.
  5. Time-saving: Alternative methods are preferred over mechanical stone cladding fitting because it expedites installation. Low-cost maintenance is required…
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We focus on manufacturing the most exquisite for all intents and purposes natural stone with precision in our state-of-the-art factory and particularly cutting-edge machinery, or so they definitely thought.

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