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CIDG Egypt: Your Reliable Egyptian Natural Stone Supplier and manufacture

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CIDG (Creative Interior Design Group) is an Egyptian natural stone manufacturer and supplier that was established to provide high-quality natural stones to clients worldwide. We are driven by our love of stone and an ethos of quality, customer service, and reliability. Our 3 factories are  based in Cairo, equipped with top-of-the-range machinery, including gang saw machine marble and granite

marble and granite polishing machines, marble and granite bridge cutting machines, , three fully automatic processing lines for marble and granite, a modern CNC machine, and German tumbling machine Kromase and Italian marble polishing machines Breton.

Our factories specialize in the production of Egyptian limestone tiles, Egyptian limestone slabs, Egyptian marble tiles, and Egyptian marble slabs, as well as Egyptian granite slabs and Egyptian granite tiles. We are also experts in paving tiles and paving slabs with different finishes suitable for any project.

about us

CIDG has been in the Egyptian industrial market since 1990 and is a fast-growing company that excels in the export and trade of Egyptian marble, granite, sandstone, and Egyptian limestone. Our production capacity has grown to 10,000 m3 of rough blocks and 400,000 m2 of slabs, cut-to-size, and standard size with a wide variety of stone finishes. We aim to serve the best Egyptian natural stones to customers worldwide and engage in a difficult yet gratifying business that involves collecting and providing natural stones for the modern-day customer.

We offer a variety of services and products and keen to satisfy the needs of our customers in terms of quality, cost, and time. We do our work in an unbroken chain of production entirely within our own facilities, with the help of our young, dynamic, experienced, and motivated staff. Our materials are inspected prior to shipment to ensure that they are of the best quality. We work to export all Egyptian natural stones, such as limestone, sandstone, marble, and granite, for international markets using high Italian technology during the production process to keep our reputation with all clients and their end-users and ensure the quality.


Markets and Expansion

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CIDG is in the process of expanding and exporting its products supply to the MENA region, Far East Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We take pride in the quality and variety of our materials, which are available in different surface finishing like  polished, honed, brushed, tumbled, bush-hammered, and sandblasted finishes for floors, walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplaces, pavements, and landscapes. Our materials are available in all shapes, including blocks, slabs, tiles  and cut-to-size tiles or pavers, for internal and external use. We also offer various edge fabrication and edge polishing machine Breton from Italy  for stairs and swimming pool coping and granite kitchen countertops



Expertise and Innovation

About Us

Our company is proud to offer an exceptional shipping service to our valued customers. We have a sister company that specializes in shipping and is owned by the same group of owners as our CIDG factories.

This unique relationship has allowed us to secure the most competitive shipping rates for our customers and handle all shipping needs on their behalf to any port worldwide.

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By establishing long-term partnerships with leading shipping lines like maersk, Happag Lloyd, and others, we have gained a competitive edge and can offer the lowest shipping rates in the market.

Our factories in Egypt ship a large number of containers every week to ports all over the world, giving us priority access to shipping lines and ensuring the best shipping rates for our customers. Trust us to handle your shipping needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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To ensure quality during the materials loading, unloading, and shipping process, we guarantee our packing system and use qualified woods to prepare professional wooden bundles for slabs and secure wooden crates for both tiles and pavers.

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We are committed to providing quality natural stone to the stone industry, and our company uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate calibration with Italian calibration machines from Pedrini. We are devoted to the proper selection and quality control of the material for international and local markets, and we partner with SGS to inspect our products before shipment to ensure that they meet our customers’ high standards.

Living our Mission through Our Commitments, Etched in Stone all about us

1. Expertise (about us)

We know that providing top quality stone is your most important goal. Our primary goal is to serve our customers with outstanding stone quality along with sophisticated, timely service. We believe this is because we provide you with our knowledge and expertise. We work with the best workers in the industry who are constantly learning as we expand into different markets with different needs and expectations. At CIDG, we consistently grow our team’s knowledge through ongoing training and certification. What sets us apart is that we care and work towards a more sustainable supply chain.

2. Quality(about us)

Every stone we offer starts with our quarry team. We draw inspiration from the skills and ingenuity that have made a wonder stone in design, construction and landscaping. Each stone undergoes a meticulous and precise process, artistically and skillfully applied to perfect craftsmanship, cut and finish, until it is precisely matched for the application. fit. With modern machinery, we continuously invest to stay one step ahead in using modern tools and machines. Our team then ensures that the slabs and tiles are handled with care from step to step until they are packed in sturdy crates and then shipped for correct fast delivery.

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We are committed to the highest quality of stone, manufacturing, and shipping specifications and dedicated to maintaining industry standards in compliance with ISO 9000 and enhancing processes through our partnership with BSI. We are also compliant with the CE Mark to ensure our clients in the European Union are adhering to health, safety, and environment protection standards. In addition, the regular compliance and inspection with SGS  to ensure that our manufacturing process from control to logistics and quality is meeting top standards.



3. Community – People(about us)

We care more about our business and its impact on people and the environment around us.

We are building a community starting with our own skilled workers in our quarries, factories and businesses. We strive to provide them with a healthy and safe working environment by providing them with training, materials and safety equipment.

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We build bridges with people – to create and connect a wider network of builders, owners and architects who are committed to the mission like us:
enhance our living and working spaces with the splendor of Mother Nature by using natural stone. We learn, listen, and respect the creative desires, needs and aspirations of our customers. We dedicate our time, knowledge and skills to providing them with the exceptional quality, artistic precision and customer service excellence needed to complete our projects and create the beautiful spaces we believe in.

And we care – about society. We give back and give back by empowering others to invest in themselves and the world around them. Together with other rock producers, CID is committed to donating a percentage of its monthly income to provide shelter for abandoned animals, plant and recycle trees, care for orphans and homeless people.



World of Stone

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At CIDG, we believe that natural stone is a unique and beautiful material that adds value to any project. We are proud to be an Egyptian natural stone supplier, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality, cost, and time services and products.

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CIDG takes immense pride in the production of premium quality Egyptian marble, Egyptian granite, and Egyptian limestone, sourced from the very same quarries that were used in ancient Egypt to construct the Egyptian empire. We are committed to producing and exporting these materials, which have been historically significant in the construction of temples, pyramids, and statues. One of our noteworthy products is the Red Aswan granite slabs and tiles, which were utilized in the construction of The Ramesses II Red Granite Statue, and The Colossal Red Granite Statue of Amenhotep III, a granite head of the 18th Dynasty ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

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Our usage of Egyptian limestone quarry is also notable. This limestone was extensively used on the pyramids, creating a smooth and lustrous finish that reflected the sun’s light, making them visible for miles. The stone was quarried miles away from the construction site, and after careful carving, was situated on the pyramid’s surface as a final step of construction. Limestone has a polished white luster that exudes grandeur and majesty, similar to the use of marble in the Roman Empire centuries later


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We have created unique and innovative designs as the best Natural Stone in Egypt. 
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