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Granite suppliers in Egypt

Egyptian granite

Before talking about Egyptian granite suppliers, we must start the article with a quick illustrative summary of Egyptian granite. Therefore, in the first lines of this article, we will talk a little in detail about Egyptian granite. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the part related to Egyptian granite suppliers.

Egyptian granite is considered one of the best and finest types of granite in the world. Therefore, because of its special features and specifications, such as its high quality, long lifespan, luxury, multiple colors, and many other features. The evidence of all these features is that the Pharaohs used granite stone in building the pyramids, which remained steadfast and stable for more than 7 thousand years.

Types and colors of Egyptian granite

There are various types and colors of Egyptian granite, all of which are available from Egyptian granite suppliers. Each variety differs in its quality and color, but in general, granite of all types and colors is extracted from many Egyptian quarries, most of which are located in the city of Aswan. As for the most famous types of granite, the red granite extracted from Aswan is considered the most famous type of granite in Egypt and the world and has gained its fame since the era of the Egyptian Pharaohs. It is the granite that was used in building the pyramids in Giza, which earned it great and international fame compared to other types. It has become used in building luxury homes and palaces in all countries of the world.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Egyptian granite is characterized by its diverse colors, which range from white to shades of black, pink, and grey. Which makes it attractive, wonderful, distinctive and luxurious.

Ancient Egyptians and Egyptian granite

The ancient Egyptians used granite in building pyramids, obelisks, temples, tombs, buildings, palaces, paving works, and various work surfaces. And other antiquities that remained for years and were a symbol of luxury and authenticity for everyone who saw them. The ancient Egyptians preferred black, gray and red granite from Aswan over other stones.

Uses of Egyptian granite


Egyptian granite, which is obtained from Egyptian granite suppliers, is used in many uses, which we talked about in the first paragraph of the article, and there are also some other uses, such as:

– Bridges and road barriers to prevent corrosion and resistance to dissolved salt.

– Covering road surfaces.

– Paving paths and gardens.

– In flooring and wall cladding, because of its shine, sophistication and luxury.

– In kitchens and bathrooms because it adds a wonderful aesthetic touch.


Finally, of course, in addition to all these uses, granite is considered first among the stones used in designs because of its beauty, distinctive colors, durability, and high quality.


Egyptian granite suppliers

Egyptian granite suppliers are considered the most experienced companies in the field of granite, offering their customers long experience that has made them among the best Egyptian granite suppliers in addition to the high quality of their products. Of course, what makes a leading supplier of granite products in Egypt different from other Egyptian granite suppliers is the high quality and diverse solutions it provides to meet customers’ needs and focus on their satisfaction with the product.

In conclusion, if you are looking for Egyptian granite suppliers, CIDG is considered one of the companies that you can rely on as a company specializing in the field of high-quality granite. It also offers its customers the best materials and prices and is always keen to satisfy them and provide them with the best service. Therefore, it is a suitable and ideal choice for every customer.

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