Hashma Stone

Hashma Stone is a yellow-beige Sandstone from Egypt, Suitable for interior and exterior use.



Split Face Tiles

Egyptian Hashma Stone sand stone is one of well-known and most required unique natural stone quarried in Egypt.

CIDG supply and export Egyptian Hashma stone with different sizes and finishes.

  • About

Egyptian natural stones really provide a warm finish and appearance to all types of applications.

Hashma Stone is a yellow-beige Sandstone quarried in Egypt and Suitable for interior and mostly for exterior use.

It is characterized by the presence of many tiny holes, caused by trapped gas bubbles during its formation. This creates a porous, uneven surface, which is referred to as Unfilled Hashma Stone sandstone. When these cavities are filled with cement or another material, the result is called Filled Hashma Stone and may be honed and
polished to provide a uniform surface similar to marble.

  • Hashma Stone Sand Stone Specifications
  • Bulk specific gravity (kg\m3)                            1000 psi: 2156 psi
  • Compressive strength Mpa. (ASTM C 170) 7500 psi: 10200 psi
  • Absorption by weight % (ASTM C 97) 0.20 %: 7.39%


  • Hashma Stone SandStone Applications
  • Fireplaces:

Yellow Hashma stone color shading matches with fire waves, as for this thermal resistant property of Hashma stone, it makes it the perfect choice for building fireplaces.

  • Walls:

Hashma stone is the right choice when it comes to claddings, beams, pillars, wall facings, arches, garden furniture, landscaping products, and arts and crafts, etc.

As it has the perfect long-lasting durability and binding with cement that make Hashma Stone the unique decision to make.

  • Stairs
  • Copping
  • Hand rail
  • Wall corniche and art
  • Advantages of natural stone

  • It has the sturdiness and stiffness to face up to excessive traffic.
  • It isn’t always slick and is appropriate for heavy-obligation applications.
  • It has an awesome herbal look that isn’t always found in different materials.
  • It is easy to smooth as it does now no longer appeal to allergic reactions or dust.
  • When brought to the design, it increases the fee of the home.
  • Because every stone is awesome, it provides fee and individuality to the design.
  • Because it affords good enough insulation, it facilitates to hold the indoors vicinity heat within side the iciness and funky within side the summer.
  • Provides a whole lot of forms, sizes, and finishes for a huge variety of alternatives and applications.


  • Selection and Ordering:

Creative Interior Design Group (CIDG) often provides a numerous variety of Hashma Stone sand stone sizes and finishes with various options to be perfect for your design. We are confident that we primarily have the natural stone that will fairly fit your project.

Browse our selection or consult with our design team today for help determining the pattern and the required Hashma stone size that is right for you.

Once you have selected what you looking for, contact our customer service team to request quote with the prices and purchase your order. Then, your ordered stone will be finely cut to size in our state-of-the-art factory.

Following that, CIDG will eventually package and ship your order through careful steps, keeping you updated and informed throughout the process.

As Egypt’s leading natural stone wholesale supplier, our team is ready to ensure your ordering and shipping process is fast, smooth, and reliable.


  • Design Inspiration:

Hashma Stone natural stone is the most popular and used stone that fits any design, it gives an impressive and elegant look with its shades of yellow that blend with the surrounding nature, offering an open and light design.

Hashma stone wall cladding features different shades and tile sizes giving the sense of nature and beauty to the space, in addition to its rigidity and stiffness that provides various selection of applications.


  • Finishes:
  • Split Face Surfaces are those that normally remain natural after the stone has been split by hand. This glaze enhances the stone’s inherent beauty and earthy hue.
  • Tumbled is when the stones are mainly set in a solution of sand, water and acid soft, gives a fundamentally vintage look, but is in large part full of warmth, bringing depth and variation to a room.
  • Sand blasting is when a stone is subjected to a jet of high-pressure water and gun air silica sand which has a slightly rough surface and has a fine, structured look that is very reminiscent of a combed beach.


  • Edges:

By selecting the best edge profile for your personal design and aesthetic preferences, you can maximize your design and give your surface the perfect finishing touch bestow end.

Edges profile available:

  • Flat edge
  • Half bullnose edges
  • Demi bullnose edge


  • Available sizes:
  • Small opus pattern
  • Large opus pattern
  • Cut to size
Hashma Sandstone Uses:

Hashma Stone Specification:

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Fixation process

Dry Stone Cladding System:

Dry mechanical fixing strategy

With this method, anchors or other tools are really used to secure the stone cladding to the surface or partition on which it will rest. Evidently, this assumes that should you not know what you are doing, more harm will result. Because the anchors can support a lot of weight, this method works brilliantly for permanently attaching large slabs of stone to a partition. This is the greatest method to use for stone cladding exterior areas since stone works best when there is a pit behind it and when the joints are dry, which allows the stone to relax.

The metal framework, which primarily consists of steel C-Channels in a variety of finishes, heavy-duty anchors, steel brackets, and bolts, can be a part of the system. The most frequent system used in dry stone mechanical cladding is constructed of steel, notably stainless steel, which can endure all weather conditions and is one of the finest materials against corrosion. Some stone cladding having relatively light panels can be placed using aluminum panels.

Components of the Dry-Stone Mechanical Cladding System can vary based on a number of circumstances, including:

  • Weight of stone
  • Size of cavity
  • Architectural design of a building
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Strength of the surface of the wall


  • Benefits of Dry-Stone Cladding Systems:

The technology has a number of advantages that render knowledge of how to install dry cladding impossible, making it crucial for stone cladding installation globally.

The best and safest ways to install all types of masonry are said to be Dry Stone Mechanical Cladding fixation systems. The dry cladding systems maintain a high level of accuracy when installing the stones and can be easily adjusted to ensure perfect appearance of the building while at the same time preserving the color of the stone by avoiding direct contact with the substrate. This is in contrast to the traditional wet cladding installation.

  1. Security: It is quite unlikely that the stone will ever fall through long life time.
  2. Easy Movement: This method of installing mechanical stone cladding permits contraction and expansion of stone in hot and cold climates, respectively, where such movements are frequent.
  3. Thermal Barrier: The dry-stone mechanical cladding procedure leaves a space between the stone lining and the rear wall that is between 30 and 50 mm wide. This offers air cushioning that acts as a thermal barrier to stop the concrete wall from being heated or cooled to an extreme degree.
  4. Time-saving: Mechanical stone cladding fitting is favored over alternative techniques since it speeds up installation. Low maintenance costs are needed.
  5. Excellent Appearance: The stone used in the mechanical cladding is aesthetically pleasing and maintains its best appearance and condition throughout time, keeping the building in pristine shape and appearance.
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CID is the premium Egyptian marblegranitelimestone and Quartz manufacturer and factory, supplying clients from across the world. We pride ourselves for being renown as one of the finest stone companies in Egypt. Our factories and quarries in Egypt are ready to supply and export to any country in the world.

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We focus on manufacturing the most exquisite natural stone with precision in our state-of-the-art factory and cutting-edge machinery.

We ensure clients- from designers, contractors, builders, and homeowners the trusted advice in consultation with our industry experts and punctuality of order delivery with a quick turnaround response. Our very own shipping and handling company guarantees on time shipping of our products to any port around the world.

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