Obelisk Aswan Egypt

Obelisk Aswan Egypt

Obelisks in Egypt

Obelisks are a symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization and the most prominent components of Egyptian temples. The Greeks called it “Obelisk”. The Europeans called it a “needle” because it resembles a needle in shape.

It appeared in front of temples in the Fifth Dynasty. The inscriptions on the obelisks documented the period of the ruler in whose era they were built, and they bore his titles and some of his works. The obelisk consists of a base on which are engraved 4 monkeys raising their hands in the direction of sunrise, in supplication to the god when he appears. As for the body of the obelisk, it is carved from stone and has words and pictures engraved on it. the top of the obelisk is a mixture of gold, silver, and copper to reflect the sun’s rays, making it easier for those coming from afar to see it and know the location of the temple.

It is worth noting that the obelisks found in Egypt were subject to transportation and smuggling. The number of remaining obelisks is estimated at 13, including obelisk Aswan Egypt.

Obelisk Aswan Egypt

Obelisk Aswan Egypt or the unfinished obelisk, which is considered the largest known ancient obelisk and one of Aswan’s prominent landmarks, is located in the northern region of ancient Egypt’s quarries in Aswan, It was discovered in the early twentieth century after being covered by sand for thousands of years.

The Aswan Obelisk in Egypt consists of the distinctive red Aswan granite. The reason for calling it the incomplete obelisk dates back to the reign of Queen Hatshepsut. Where the workers were digging for it and preparing it to transport it to the temple after it was completed. But the surprise came when they wanted to snatch it from the ground. They discovered that it was not suitable due to a crack in it, so the workers stopped continuing to remove it.

Although the construction of the obelisk was not completed, it has great value in the history of Egyptian antiquities because it revealed the method of making obelisks in Egypt.

Finally, Obelisk Aswan Egypt is considered one of the monuments that demonstrate the extent of the effort and means to which the ancient Egyptians resorted to carving obelisks and the extent of the beauty of every building they erected. Therefore, it is recommended to visit this obelisk to see the signs of the hammering of tools and birds engraved on this huge obelisk.

Aswan red granite

Aswan red granite is the material from which obelisk Aswan Egypt is made. It is a natural stone that has been used for thousands of years in construction and decorative arts. It is characterized by its unique rough to very rough texture and uniform, richly textured appearance. Which gives it natural strength and durability. It is also distinguished by its resistance to erosion and natural forces and its rich red color.


Aswan red granite has gained its fame since the time of the Pharaohs, when it was used in building the pyramids in Giza, due to its unique features, wonderful shape, and other features that we talked about in the previous paragraph.


Granite prices in Egypt

Granite prices in Egypt vary according to the type and quality of granite. Aswan red granite is considered one of the types whose price is considered reasonable and not high, even though it is one of the most famous types of granite in Egypt and the world.

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