Milly Grey Marble Paving Slabs


  • Milly Grey Marble ,is a kind of beige Marble  quarried in Egypt , best seller of Egyptian marble tiles this cost-effective natural stone is ranked amongst the top three  marble tiles  to apply for multiple purposes.

    Milly Grey’s Characteristics

    Milly Gray Marble is a warm, neutral gray color of dark gray marble, a beautiful soft and muted tone used in interiors such as outdoor floors, wall cladding, stairs, window sills, fireplaces, pools and gardens. to produce.

    This gorgeous custom-made stone features organic banding rich in fossilized shell fragments and mottled color variations that complement its unique natural beauty.

    This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, which comes from another quarry in Sinai Egypt,which is also considered as the bestselling marble flooring tiles

    Millie Gray Marble is popular with homeowners, designers and builders for paving, indoor and outdoor flooring, patios, wall cladding, stairs, fireplaces, kitchen worktops, pool surrounds, window sills, sculptures and more. I have.

    Egyptian Marble Paving Slabs

    The Milly Gray Marble pavement is in warm shades covered with subtle blacks. It’s a fusion of classic cream-colored travertine and sandstone pavement, devoid of exaggerated patterns and often large, uncontrollable natural pits rooted in stone. Millie Gray is an understated yet exquisite classic stone quarried by our experts. This stone is strong enough for wet environments, around pools, and on sidewalks.

Product Information

  • Multiple Finishes and Applications for Milly Grey Marble


    Milly Grey Marble Pool Coping and Milly Grey Egyptian marble Pool Decks 


    Milly Grey Marble Egyptian Marble Paving Stones are dense, hardwearing, and non-slip, making them ideal for pool deck installations. This is considered the recommended choice for security. It is also used as a pool surround, covering the edge of the pool with an etched, brushed or honed finish.


    Various sizes for marble flooring are available and come in different forms: blocks, slabs, tiles using any finishing. Sizes provided include:

    • large opus pattern
    • small opus pattern
    • 900 x 600 mm
    • 600 * free length

    Please ask for free samples.

Suitability & Installation

  • Milly Grey Marble Patio

    It is a premium stone with a reputation for its elegant color. Their famous resilience makes them easy to cut, manufacture and install, which is another reason why Millie Gray chooses his patio slabs when designing a patio. This stone can be used to pave outdoor spaces and help create a unique and attractive patio, garden or barbecue area that exudes character.

    Staircases and Walkways using Milly Grey Paving

    The versatility of the Milly Grey paving allows for more than one application. To add to the list is the application to build staircases and paving for walkways.

    Kitchen Flooring

    When thinking of a kitchen floor at home, you consider many things when selecting the flooring. A most frequented environment requires a resilient stone to endure, be functional and long lasting considering the many busy feet walking through a home’s most vital area. The best to use for the kitchen floor is Milly Grey with a tumbled finish.

    Indoor Flooring

    To create an elegant look and a contemporary feel in your private space, Milly Grey Marble aims to create it. Brushed marble tiles accentuate any interior area and are perfect for any room theme. Our experts and clients find brushes that help create areas that are warm, inviting, spacious and with a graceful feel and a soft touch. I appreciate the marble tiles that are hung.

    Wall Cladding 

    Milly Gray Marble Wall Cladding is one of the finest natural stone tiles chosen for a soothing aesthetic statement in any setting. Whether residential or commercial, Milly Gray marble wall tiles envelop you in warm, serene brackets in soft black tones. In the home, this stone wall cladding creates a beautiful backdrop that enhances the beauty of your home, transforming dull, colorless walls into vibrant, vibrant walls. Whether modern or rustic

    Different finishes are applicable for wall cladding

Where Can I View This Stone

  • Where Can I View This Stone?

    We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

    Milly Grey marble available

    • Gray
    • Dark Grey

Product Specialist

  • As Egypt’s leading natural stone supplier, CIDG Egyptian Marble Group supplies the highest quality natural stone, through our three factories in Egypt for Egyptian Marble and Limestone tiles and slabs, custom dimensions required to suit your project needs. is an industry leader in providing & 6 Gray Granite Quarry. Exporting natural stone from Egypt to all over the world.

    We recommend that you consult with an in-house designer or stone expert to select the right granite color and finish for your project objectives.

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