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  • Sandblasted Limestone

    sandblasted Limestone,

    Sandblasting is a technique that also gives a more slip-resistant surface suitable for outside areas or for wet areas. We have used this on

    sandblasted Limestone has a fairly rough finish which literally is achieved when marble, limestone and granite are subjected to a high-pressure blast of water and siliceous sand through an air gun or by blasting small particles of silicon or corundum “sand” closer to the marble floor for you to corrode it, opposite to famous belief. Steel shots could also specifically be used for the sandblasted actually finish in a definitely big way. This process softens the color and characteristics of normal stone; it uniformly wears and tears the stone in a pretty big way. ranked amongst the top three limestones to apply for multiple purposes.

    best seller Egyptian sandblasted limestone tiles 

    Sand blasted limestone finish is produced by blasting small particles of silicon or corundum “sand” towards the marble surface in order to corrode it. Sand blasting results in a similar but less rugged

    aspect than that achieved with the bush hainmering technique. Therefore, it can be used for indoor splash backs and wall tiling as well as outdoor cladding and flooring.

    This luxurious custom-made stone features organic veins, rich fossil shell fragments and speckled color variations that accentuate its unparalleled natural beauty.

    Sandblasted Limestone which is also considered as the bestselling limestone flooring tiles known also in eastern Europe and some Arabic countries

    Matte finishes are a popular choice among homeowners, designers and builders for flooring, interior and exterior flooring, patios, wall coverings, stairs, fireplaces, kitchen counters, pool cladding swimming, window sills and carvings.

    Sandblasted Limestone Paving Slabs

    In another definition:
    It is a technique in which the rock is mainly blown with a high-pressure nozzle consisting of air, sand, and certainly other crushed rock, and generally continues to be sprayed onto the surface until it looks good and has a clear appearance. Texture gives the impression of a combed beach. on the main road.

    Sandblasted Limestone is literally done by blowing a mixture of coarse sand particles and air over the surface of the rock, which is certainly quite important. The sandblasting process gives a similar appearance but is less sturdy than the bush hammering technique in a very important way.

    The sandblasting process is basically referred to as the rather abrasive sandblasting process, literally pretty much.

Product Information

  • Sandblasted’s characteristics 

    The main characteristics of Sandblasted Limestone Stone finish generally are –

    • Sandblasted stone specifically has a very faded really look.
    • It has a rustic matte actually look with no shine or gloss, which basically is quite significant.
    • The surface is very porous.
    • The surface literally is very difficult to actually clean hence in the interiors it is mainly used as a decorative feature for walls, particularly contrary to popular belief.
    • The texture could be very dense, difficult and really constant growing a uniform layout pattern.
    • The tiles are anti-skid and anti-slip and are highly kind of appropriate for high traffic areas.


    Various sizes for limestone flooring are available and come in different forms: blocks, slabs, tiles using any finishing. Sizes provided include:

    • 600 * free length
    • 900 x 600 mm
    • large opus pattern
    • small opus pattern

    Please ask for free samples.

Suitability & Installation

  • Sandblasted 

    The sandblasted stone literally finish is widely used in basically wet areas like swimming pool decks, shower trays, patios, basically contrary to popular belief. They are also used in areas where one has to give a very rustic basically look to the space, which kind of is fairly significant.

    Sandblasting specifically is a technique that also gives a fairly more slip-resistant surface suitable for outside areas or for wet areas, which basically is quite significant.

    We basically have used this on: Swimming Pools, Shower Trays, Wet-Rooms and also on Patios and can basically be Used for indoor splash backs and wall tiling in addition to outside cladding and floors in an essentially massive way.

    Staircases and Walkways using Sandblasted limestone Paving

    The versatility of the Sinai Pearl Sandblasted paving allows for more than one application. To add to the list is the application to build staircases and paving for walkways.

    Indoor Flooring

    To create a sleek look and contemporary feel in private spaces, this marble is designed to help generate it. A sandblasted marble tile elevates areas in any indoor spaces and helps uplift any color tones and moods in any room’s theme. Our experts and clients admire the brushed limestone tiles that help with originating the area with a warm, welcoming, spacious and graceful feel and soft touch.

    Wall Cladding 

    Wall cladding using the sandblasted is one of the best natural stone tiles selected for a tranquil aesthetic statement to any setting. Sinai Pearl Sandblasted wall tiles embraces you whether in private or commercial settings through its warm gentle brace of soft beige hues. In homes, wall cladding using this stone is used to make a beautiful backdrop and enhances your home’s beauty, mutating a dull bland wall to a lively vibrant one. Modern or rustic,

    Kitchen Flooring

    When thinking of a kitchen floor at home, you consider many things when selecting the flooring. A most frequented environment requires a resilient stone to endure, be functional and long lasting considering the many busy feet walking through a home’s most vital area. The best to use for the kitchen floor is Dijon with a sandblasted finish.

    Different finishes are applicable for wall cladding

Where Can I View This Stone

  • Where Can I View Sandblasted limestone ?

    We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

     Sandblasted limestone available Colors


    • Gray
    • Beige
    • light beige

Product Specialist

  • Our group of factories is using Italian slabs polishing machines from Pedrini, (GALAXY B220MX )

    This line Works with a series of 20 polishing plates equipped with abrasives with many years of experience in the business are committed to provide and supply the Perfect for producing and polishing big marble slabs, with epoxy resin treatment line and Italian oven with the capacity to produce 1000 m2 per shift with polished marble finishing and honed marble finishing,

    The production lines that include all the top of the range machinery necessary gang-saws, automatic polishing line for slabs,

    We suggest consulting with our inhouse designers and stone experts to select the appropriate granite color and finishing to meet the purpose of your project.

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