Medium Verdi Ghazal Egyptian granite


  • Medium Verdi Ghazal granite

    The medium Verdi ghazal has white and grey graining. It comes from quarries in Egypt.

    Egyptian granite is renowned for its wide spectrum of vivid colors and unparalleled durability.

    Both indoor and outdoor venues are suitable for a medium Verdi ghazal.

    Egyptian granite is a wonderful natural substance that adds style to your home.

    Granite gives a place a polished appearance while retaining the durability of one of the hardest natural stone surfaces. It can be used for a range of construction applications.

    Medium Granite from Verdi Ghazal is well known for its white and light grey graining.

    Verdi ghazal granite paving slabs are made of durable natural stone and are ideal for use in patios and outdoor spaces. Beautiful granite countertops

    Egyptian granite tiles come in a range of sizes and shapes (small and large). Commercial buildings typically utilize huge tiles, whereas domestic kitchens frequently use smaller ones. For your floor and countertops, it can be a terrific option.

    It is appropriate for use in:

    • Granite Worktops
    • Grey granite worktops
    • Granite kitchen countertops
    • Fantastic Range of Granite Worktops
    • Stairs
    • Living room
    • Outdoor Landscaping
    • Kitchen
    • Walls
    • Countertops

    with different finishes such as (Polished, Unpolished, Split Face, Honed, Sandblasted, Striped, and Flamed), and granite slabs used for cooking surfaces.

    It is well-known for its pale-gray and white-graining texture, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    It also has a multitude of advantages, including:

    • Entirely natural beauty
    • Luxurious yet practical
    • Extremely durable
    • Ideal worktop material owing to a variety of looks, styles, and investment value
    • Available in a wide array of colors, thicknesses, and finishes
    • Easy maintenance
    • Naturally resistant to staining and scratches
    • Appropriate for areas used for food preparation
    • Distinctive appearance
    • Simple to install and clean
    • Low maintenance


    The Latin term “granum,” which denotes a coarse grain, is where the name “granite” first appeared. They believed that the stone’s unusual name was a result of its coarse texture.

    The second-hardest natural material, granite, is a little weaker than diamond.

    They believed granite to be a sharply defined, pale-colored volcanic rock with discernible grains. Granite is resilient to abrasion, robust enough to sustain some weight, and inert enough to successfully withstand weathering. It may also use a fantastic polish.

    Actually, it takes place as magma slowly crystallizes beneath the surface of the Earth. In a subtle sense, granite in particular is consistently large, strong, and enormous (i.e., lacking any internal structures). Granite has long been a preferred building material due to these characteristics. Due to its timeless beauty and the fact that no synthetic material can now match its elegance and performance, it has practically replaced wood as the material of choice for modern luxury homes and businesses.

    Even though it may have started to form gradually as long as 300 million years ago, granite is thought to be the oldest igneous rock on the planet.

    Granite, a rock that grows relatively artistically and deeply underground, is referred to as “plutonic.” Possibly the majority of the world’s continental crust is made up of granite. Granite has been utilized in building from the time of the Ancient Egyptians, which is typical of significant significance.

    These characteristics made granite slabs the best choice for stair treads, outdoor paving, and kitchen counters.

    Egyptian granite:

    One of the first materials the Egyptian pharaohs carved and utilized was Egyptian granite. It was used to make Egyptian statues and artifacts because of its unique color and relative toughness to other types.

    Feldspar, quartz, mica, and amphibole make up the majority of the minerals in granitic rocks. Amphibole (often hornblende) and biotite mica, which together create a linked and somewhat equigranularity feldspar and quartz matrix, are flecked throughout the lighter-colored minerals. Granites can have a dominant color that is either white, pink, grey, or black depending on their composition.

Product Information

  • Product Specifications

    Medium Verdi ghazal granite

    Density: (ASTM C97) 2634 (kg/m3)

    Flexural Strength Mpa: (ASTM C800) 24

    Water Absorption by weight %: (ASTM C97) 0.09%

    Compressive strength Mpa: (ASTM C170) 215 N/mm²

    Bending strength: 10 – 20 N/mm²

    Abrasion resistance: 5 – 8 cm³/50cm²

    Mohs hardness: 6-8

    Properties: Medium Verdi ghazal Granite has particularly nice colors.


     Available Sizes:

    Our factory is able to make tiles in a variety of sizes and thicknesses beginning at 2 and 3 cm. The slabs’ thickness ranges from 1.5 to 2 cm (and can be any thickness upon request),

    The tile thickness ranges from 1 to 1.2 to 1.5 to 2 to 3 to 4 cm (up to 10 cm and additional thicknesses upon request)We provide cut-to-size orders according to the specifications of your project. But 2 cm and 3 cm are the usual slab thicknesses.

    Common Metric Sizes include:

    30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80,60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100×00 cm.

Suitability & Installation

  • Medium Verdi Ghazal Granite Suitability & Installation

    • Paving
    • Wall cladding
    • Slabs
    • Worktops
    • Kitchen Countertops
    • Backsplash
    • Coping
    • Cobble stones
    • Flooring
    • Outdoor landscaping

    Medium Verdi ghazal granite has an easy installing process through the following steps:

    1.     Preparation of Subfloor

    ·         Prior to laying granite flooring, the subfloor must be leveled and smoothed. The paints and sealants should be entirely scraped off with sandpaper before cleaning the floorboards. Uneven flooring can cause cracks and other weak spots in granite floors. This might also have an effect on the granite floors’ health and vibrancy.

    ·         Seal and fill all fissures and cracks if you’re swiftly placing granite floors over concrete floors.

    ·         Fill up any cracks and crevices and remove any debris to ensure that the Medium Verdi Ghazal granite flooring is firmly secured.

    ·         If the Medium Verdi Ghazal granite floors will be connected to the old floors, fully postpone putting the antique tiles.

    2. Laying of the Granite Tiles

    ·         The tile’s corner that will be used to install the flooring must be 90 degrees. If the room is bigger, tile spacers could be able to help you figure out what size tiles you’ll need to cut.

    3. Application and preparation of mortar

    ·         The Medium Verdi Ghazal granite flooring installation requires the use of a specific mortar. To achieve the correct consistency, combine 5 parts sand, 1 part water, and 1 part cement.

    ·         Use a trowel to achieve a thickness of 6 to 8 mm.

    4. Granite Flooring Installation

    ·         To ensure that the Medium Verdi Ghazal Granite tiles are straight, a plastic spacer is used to place them on the ground.

    ·         To make sure there are no gaps at the base of the Medium Verdi Ghazal granite flooring, place the granite tiles on top of the ground and firmly press down on each corner.

    ·         Use the rubber mallet to lightly pound the tile against the mortar to ensure that it is securely fastened.

    5. Application of Grout Over Tiles

    ·         To firmly join the two tiles, grout is applied in those locations. Give the grout time to fully cure before washing the tiles. The first 15 to 20 minutes after manufacture are crucial for using small volumes of grout.

    6. Cleaning and Sealing

    • The granite floor is cleaned and finished once the Medium Verdi Ghazal granite tiles are installed, making it suitable for usage.
    • Use a sponge and warm water to clean the Medium Verdi Ghazal granite flooring, being careful to get rid of any dirt or debris.
    • The Medium Verdi Ghazal granite flooring has been installed and is now functional as a result.

    Different Medium Verdi Ghazal granite products are available from us in all sizes and finishes

    • polished medium Verdi ghazal granite slabs that are ideal for granite kitchen countertops and worktops
    • Medium Verdi ghazal granite tiles and slabs that have been flamed are appropriate for patio and gardens. It is a durable stone that is appropriate for all garden areas because it is non-slip and scratch-resistant. Given that the stone was given an earthy and textured finish by being placed in a high-temperature flame, it is a dependable paving option for patios and pathways. The surface of the stone then abruptly expands as a result of this. The procedure is often referred to as the “flaming method.” It is frequently applied to granite paving stones to make them less slick.
    • Medium Verdi Ghazal Granite setts with a hard or light split face finish can be utilized for these crucial accent elements in the landscape that you want to draw attention to. additionally, drives Granite sets, which are thin pieces of quarried stone that range in size from 20 mm to even 100 mm, complement granite outdoor tiles well.
    • Medium Verdi Ghazal Granite wall cladding with flamed, honed, and polished finishes is appropriate for wall cladding in malls and large structures.
    • Tumbled Medium Verdi Ghazal granite cobblestones A timeless sense of history will be infused into your home by installing Natural Granite Cobblestones! Blocks of granite cobblestone are hand-cut and appear to have been tumbled.

Where Can I View This Stone

  • Where Can I View medium verdi ghazal granite

    We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

    Egyptian granite Colours available

    • Yellow
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Gray
    • Pink
    • White
    • red

Product Specialist

  • Egyptian pink  granite Specialists

    As the leading sort of Egyptian generally natural stone supplier, CIDG group for Egyptian Granite for all intents and purposes are industry leaders in supplying generally superior quality actually natural stone,

    provides customized dimensions as needed for sort of your project’s requirements through our 3 factories in Egypt for granite tiles and slabs and 9 for all intents and purposes red granite and kind of pink granite of the kind of unique definitely Egyptian granite color in a really major way.

    CIDG Exporting kind of Egyptian actually natural stone to all world in a basically major way. And one of the Egyptian’s leading pink granite supplier, kind of contrary to popular belief.

    We for the most part suggest consulting with our inhouse designers and stone experts to essentially select the particularly appropriate granite color and finishing to essentially meet the purpose of kind of your project, which essentially is quite significant.

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