Grey limestone tiles


  • Grey limestone tiles

    are a type of Egyptian limestone that is excavated from quarries located in the northern and southern parts of Sinai. This natural stone has become a bestseller amongst Egyptian limestone tiles due to its cost-effectiveness and versatility, making it one of the top three limestones for multiple purposes.

    One of the outstanding characteristics of grey limestone tiles is its warm, neutral grain color, which ranges from light grey to warm grey and dark grey. This versatile limestone produces an array of beautifully soft muted tones, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including flooring, wall cladding, interiors such as staircases, window sills, fireplaces, pools, and exteriors such as gardens and patios.

    This luxurious bespoke stone possesses organic veining, rich in fossilized shell fragments and speckled color variations, enhancing its unmatched natural beauty. Another popular grey limestone color is the dark Sinai pearl, which also originates from quarries in Sinai Egypt and is known for its versatility and beauty.

    Grey limestone tiles are a popular choice for homeowners, designers, and builders alike, as they can be used for various applications such as paving, indoor and outdoor flooring, patios, wall cladding, staircases, fireplaces, kitchen countertops, pool coping, window sills, and sculptures.

    The grey limestone tiles of Egyptian origin are based on warm shadows engulfed with beige hints, making them a merge between classic grey-colored travertine and sandstone pavers without overstated patterns. Often, the large, uncontrollable native holes ingrained in stone are absent in grey limestone tiles, adding to their overall aesthetic appeal.

    Egyptian limestone tiles, particularly grey limestone tiles, are robust enough for wet environments, pool surroundings, and walkways, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings.

Product Information

  • Grey limestone tiles offer multiple finishes and applications, making it a versatile natural stone for different settings. One of the popular applications of grey limestone tiles is on pool decks and as pool coping. This is because the tiles are dense, hard-wearing and anti-slip, ensuring safety around the pool area. The anti-etched, brushed or honed finish provides a perfect finishing touch to the edge of the pool.

    Apart from pool settings, grey limestone tiles can be used in various other applications, including flooring, wall cladding, staircases, window sills, fireplaces, and sculptures. The natural beauty of the stone is enhanced by the organic veining, rich fossilized shell fragments, and speckled color variations.

    Grey limestone tiles come in different dimensions, including blocks, slabs, and tiles, and they can be finished in various ways. The tiles are available in various sizes, including the large opus pattern, small opus pattern, 900 x 600 mm, and 600 x free length. These sizes provide flexibility in design, allowing for customization according to project requirements.

    At CIDG, we provide free samples to help you choose the right type of grey limestone tile for your project. With its versatility, durability, and natural beauty, grey limestone tiles are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Suitability & Installation

  • Grey limestone tiles are a premium stone that boasts a graceful color scheme. This stone is known for its resilience and ease of cutting, working with, and applying. This makes it an ideal choice for creating stunning patios, gardens, or BBQ areas that are full of character.

    In addition to outdoor paving, grey limestone tiles can also be used for staircases and walkways, making it a versatile stone. It is especially suitable for busy areas like kitchens due to its resilience and durability. The best option for kitchen flooring is grey tumbled with a tumbled finish.

    For indoor spaces, grey limestone tiles can create a sleek and contemporary look. Tumbled limestone tiles elevate areas in any indoor space and add warmth, welcoming, spacious and graceful feels. This stone is also perfect for wall cladding, providing a tranquil aesthetic statement to any setting. The gentle embrace of soft beige hues creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The different finishes available make it a perfect choice for modern or rustic wall cladding.

    Overall, the versatility and elegance of grey limestone tiles make it a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike. The different finishes and applications available for this stone allow it to be used in a variety of settings, enhancing the beauty and functionality of any space. Free samples are available upon request.

Where Can I View This Stone

  • Where Can I View This Stone?

    We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

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Product Specialist

  • CIDG Group is a prominent supplier of premium quality Egyptian natural stone. As the industry leaders, they are dedicated to providing customized dimensions to meet the unique requirements of their clients’ projects. With three factories in Egypt, CIDG Group specializes in producing top-notch Egyptian limestone and marble tiles and slabs, as well as six gray granite quarries. Their natural stone products are exported to clients all over the world, making them a trusted name in the industry.

    CIDG Group understands that selecting the appropriate granite color and finishing for a project is crucial. That’s why they offer in-house designers and stone experts to help clients choose the right natural stone product that will meet their specific requirements. Whether it’s for flooring, wall cladding, or other applications, CIDG Group has the expertise and knowledge to provide clients with the best possible natural stone products for their projects. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, CIDG Group has become a preferred choice for those seeking high-quality Egyptian natural stone products

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