Acid Wash Marble_ Egyptian Marble

Acid Wash 

it's a chemical treatment applied to the stone surface 

Flamed Marble - Flamed Granite - Egyptian Marble _ CID Egypt


Achieved by heating the surface of the stone to extreme temperatures

Tumbled Marble - Marble Egypt-Egyptian Marble - CID Egypt


it's commonly used for natural stone tiles


Shiny mirror finish marble, limestone and granite slabs spectacular mirror-like finish

Saw Cut Marble Finish - Egyptian Marble - Marble in Egypt- Marble Egypt - CID Egypt

Saw Cut

 Mark the marble with wide tape and then the saw makes Cut holes. Make sink cutouts.


Often used for paving stones and façade cladding. The parallel lines on the surface are typical of this finish.

Split Face Tiles - Egyptian Marble_ CID Egypt

Split face 

This finish showcases the natural beauty and earthy tone of the Stone.

Brushed Marble - Marble in Egypt- CID Egypt


A glossy antique surface, making to perfect choice for your interior floors


Honed Marble Slabs - Egyptian Marble - Marble in Egypt - CID Egypt


provides a flat, matte or satin finish creating a more informal and softer look.


 a technique that also gives a more slip-resistant surface suitable for outside areas or for wet areas


Working the surface with a pointed hammer creates uneven irregularities in the structure of the tile. Feels rather rough, with an anti-slip effect


 This surface is produced manually by using chisel and hammer and is used mainly in wall cladding and facades.

Engraved Marble - Egyptian Marble- Marble in Egypt- Egypt Marble - CID Egypt

Engraving Finishing

CIDG is ready to manufacture and supply all Alabaster artwork shall be requested.

Summary of CIDG Factories, Natural Stone Designers of Egypt.

Our Egyptian Marble and Granite factories are premium manufacturing of Marble, Limestone, Granite and natural Egyptian Stone across the globe.

We pride ourselves for being renown as one of the finest Marble and Granite companies in Egypt today.

A diverse mixture of colors and unrivaled durability is what Egyptian Marble, Egyptian Granite, and Egyptian Limestone are famous for.

The Marble, Limestone Granite, and Egyptian Stone Suppliers Minefield. 

There are so many things to consider when making your choice: -

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CIDG Egypt, the finest Granite & Marble Company in Egypt makes it easy. Customers simply visit our website at and the process is simple. 

Egypt Marble

Marble from CIDG Egypt

Our Egyptian Marble factory supplies:-

Egyptian Marble Flooring - Marble Floor Design in Egyptian Marble and Marble Tiles, Egyptian Marble Tiles 

Sinai Pearl Tumbled Marble,Travertine Marble, Egyptian Polished Marble, Marble Counter tops, Egyptian Marble Sheets, Egyptian Tumbled Marble, Polished Tumbled Marble, Galala Marble, Galala Beige Marble, Sunny Marble, Triesta Marble, Cream Egyptian Marble and Marble Granite Tiles Polished Marble from Egypt is one of our most sought after products. 

Egypt Granite

Granite from CIDG Egypt

Our Egyptian Granite factory supplies:-

Egyptian Granite, Granite Flooring, Granite Tiles and Granite Floor Tiles. Granite Tile Countertops, Granite Backsplash, Egyptian Granite favorite floor tiles, Granite that looks like Marble. 

Giallo Special, a yellow Granite from Egypt. 

Gazel Valley Yellow, a yellow Granite from Egypt.

Egyptian Limestone

Egyptian natural stones bring a warm look and finish to all manner of applications.

We specialize in Egyptian Stoneware, natural Egyptian Stone for Stone Flooring, Natural Stone Tiles, Sinai Marble & Stone

Limestone from Egypt - Tumbled Limestone, Egyptian Limestone Tiles, Egyptian Limestone Slabs, Egyptian Limestone Flooring, Egyptian Limestone Tumbled Surface & Edge.

Galala, a Limestone from Egypt 

Galala Beige, a beige Limestone from Egypt 

Giallo Atlantide, a yellow Limestone from Egypt 

Giallo Cleopatra, a yellow Limestone from Egypt 

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