Bianco Halayeb Granite, Grey Granite


  • Formidable Grey Bianco Halayeb Granite  

    White Bianco Halayeb Granite combines between the rigidity which all Egyptian Granite, used in different types of projects and for multiple purposes, is mostly famous for and variety of colored speckles of black and grey spots on the surface, giving it a beautiful greyish shade.

    Adding Granite to a room with its durable surface, that is considered as one of the hardest natural stone, provides an elegant yet powerful atmosphere to the space. This makes Granite one of the fewest tiles that is suitable to be used in different types of applications and projects.

    Bianco Halayeb granite tiles are popularly used in wall cladding, indoor and outdoor flooring and kitchen backsplash, while White Granite large slabs are mainly used for kitchen countertops and tabletops, to give this feeling of elegance and magnificence.

    Bianco Halayeb Granite is mainly well known for its pale-gray and white grained surface, that is highly selected for its indoor and outdoor applications in a pretty big way.

    Bianco Halayeb granite paving is a fairly gray paving granite, an extremely kind of high-quality granite stone in a subtle way. Dark gray granite paving slabs essentially are hard-wearing definitely natural stone that literally is most suitable to generally apply in garden areas and patios, with stunning range of granite worktops and granite kitchen countertops colors

    Bianco Halayeb granite tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be an amazing choice for your floor and countertops, as it will be a perfect choice to be applied in:

    • Granite kitchen countertops
    • Fantastic Range of Granite Worktops
    • Stairs
    • Living room
    • Outdoor Landscaping
    • Outdoor patios flooring
    • Outdoor paving
    • Kitchen backsplashes
    • Living rooms
    • Granite Worktops
    • Granite kitchen countertops
    • Fantastic Range of Granite surfaces for tables
    • Stairs
    • Living rooms
    • Polished slabs Rosa very pink granite

    The Latin term “granum”, meaning a coarse grain size, really is essentially the origin of the name “granite”, pretty contrary to popular belief.

    They specifically believed that the stone’s coarse-grained texture kind of was the reason for its fairly special designation. Granite literally is subtle in hardness, fairly second only to definitely natural materials, only after diamond.

    Granite kind of is a light-colored igneous rock, particularly contrary to popular belief. with grains fairly large enough to literally for all intents and purposes be seen with the naked eye, at for all intents and purposes least that\’s what basically was commonly believed, showing how with grains pretty large enough to literally generally be seen with the naked eye, at absolute least that’s what for the most part was commonly believed, which mostly is fairly significant.

    Granite for all intents and purposes is kind of hard enough to definitely withstand abrasion, generally strong enough to literally support significant weight, inert enough to for all intents and purposes withstand the elements, and polishes really bright. It actually evolves from the basically slow crystallization of magma beneath the Earth’s surface, which mostly is quite significant.

    In a subtle sense, granite in pretty particular generally is usually always large, hard, and sort of strong (i.e., with no internal structures), actually further showing how with grains actually large enough to literally particularly be seen with the naked eye, at for all intents and purposes least that’s what literally was commonly believed, showing how with grains kind of large enough to literally for all intents and purposes be seen with the naked eye,

    at kind of the least that’s what for all intents and purposes was commonly believed, or so they actually thought. These properties really have made granite a sort of common building block throughout for all intents and purposes human history.

    Due to its timeless beauty and the fact that no fairly synthetic very material can actually match its elegance and performance today, it literally has in fact generally become the sort of material of choice for today\’s luxury homes and businesses.

    Although it actually is generally believed that Subtly 300 Granite for all intents and purposes is specifically believed to mostly be the oldest igneous rock on earth.

    Granite essentially is also known as “plutonic” rock, meaning it forms somewhat for all intents and purposes deep and attractively underground, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. Most of the planet\’s continental crust for the most part is made of granite, which mostly is a significant amount in a kind of major way.

    Granite for all intents and purposes has been used in construction since the times of the particularly ancient Egyptians, which particularly is usually very significant.

    These properties made granite slabs the fairly ideal slabs for stair treads, outdoor paving and kitchen worktops, which basically shows that granite mostly is actually hard enough to kind of withstand abrasion, actually strong enough to literally support significant weight, inert enough to specifically withstand the elements, and polishes really bright.

    It actually evolves from the pretty slow crystallization of magma beneath the Earth\’s surface in a kind of big way.

    The advantages of using Bianco Halayeb granite stone for indoor or outdoor purposes are:

    • Entirely herbal beauty
      •Luxurious look but sensible for any use
      •Extremely durable
      •Ideal worktop cloth because of kind of seems and funding fee with stiff surface
      •Available in a big selection of colors, thicknesses and finishes
      •Can be without problems maintained
      •Naturally proof against staining and scratching
      •Suitable for meals guidance regions with the proper finish
      •Unique look
      •Easy to put in and clean
      •Requires low maintenance
      •It is normally described as a “length stone” that may be reduce to sure lengths,
      widths and thicknesses.
      •Granite is robust sufficient to resist maximum abrasions, huge weights, withstand weather
      situations and be given varnishes.

Product Information

  • Bianco Halayeb granite is the most common intrusive igneous rock in Earth’s continental crust.

    It is coarse- to medium-grained. It has three main minerals which are feldspar, quartz, and mica, which occur as silvery muscovite or dark biotite or both.

    Granite crystallizes from silica-rich magmas that are miles deep in Earth’s crust.

    White Bianco Halayeb Granite Product Information

    Density: (ASTM C97) 2854 kg/m³

    Water Absorption by Weight %:  0.03 %

    Compressive Strength:  Mpa (ASTM C170):  204.08

    Flexural Strength Mpa (ASTM C800):  32.41

    Bending Strength: 10 – 20 N/mm²

    Abrasion Resistance Hardness: (Ha) 51.9

    Mohs Hardness:  6-8

    We would recommend that you seal your Bianco Halayeb granite paving if you are looking for extra peace of mind


    Bianco Halayeb granite Available Sizes:

    Our factory can produce different size tiles and thicknesses starting from 2 cm and 3 cm. We provide cut-to-size order based on your project’s requirements. Common slabs thicknesses are 2 cm and 3 cm.


    Common Bianco Halayeb granite Metric Sizes:

    30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80,60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100×00 cm

Suitability & Installation

  • White Bianco Halayeb granite is a very desirable and useful stone for:

    • Paving
    • Wall cladding
    • Slabs
    • Worktops
    • Kitchen Countertops
    • Backsplash
    • Coping
    • Cobble stones
    • Flooring
    • Outdoor landscaping
    • Decorative features

    We offer Bianco Halayeb granite granite products in all dimensions and all finishes

    • polished Bianco Halayeb granite slabs, whish is suitable for granite kitchen countertop and worktops
    • Flamed paving Bianco Halayeb granite tiles and slabs are suitable for patio and garden It’s a hard-wearing stone that is suitable for all areas of the garden the non-slip and scratch-resistant. It’s a reliable paving choice for patios and walkways due to its earthy and textured finish by exposing the stone to a high-temperature flame. This then causes a sudden expansion of the surface of the stone. The process is better known as the ‘flaming method’. It is commonly used on granite paving stones to make them slip-resistant
    • Bianco Halayeb granite setts with light split face finish ,hard split face finish it can then be used for these essential accent pieces where you want to draw the eye to in the garden. And also drive ways Granite sets are small blocks of quarried stone with different sizes start from 20 mm thickness to even 100 mm thickness   that work beautifully alongside granite outdoor tiles.
    • Bianco Halayeb granite wall cladding with bush hammered and flamed finish ,honed finish and also polished finish are suitable for wall cladding in malls and huge buildings
    • Bianco Halayeb granite Cobblestones tumbled Installing Natural Granite Cobblestones will give your home a sense of timeless history! Granite Cobblestone blocks are hand cut and have a tumbled appearance

    White Bianco Halayeb granite has an easily installing process through the following steps:

    1. Preparation of Subfloor
    • Smoothing the subfloor to level it out is considered as the first step in the installment process of the granite floors.
      •The paints and sealants on the floorboards should be carefully scraped off with sandpaper during subfloor cleaning.
    • The choppy subfloor may result in cracks and other vulnerable areas in the granite floors. This may also have an impact on the granite floors’ durability and strength.
    • Make sure to seal and cover all of the cracks and holes if you’re quickly installing granite floors over concrete floors.
    • Fill in all of the cracks and crevices, and clear out any debris, so that the granite flooring may also be connected in a proper way.
    • Take off the antique tiles completely if the newly installed granite tiles are to be replacing the old floors.

              2.Laying of the Granite Tiles

    • The tiles used in the construction of the floors must have 90-degree corners. If the size of the room is larger, you can use tile spacers to help you get a sense of the size of the tiles you’ll need to cut.

             3.Mixing and Application of Mortar

    • You need to use a special kind of mortar for the installment of the granite floors. It is recommended that one part cement and five parts of sand is to be mixed with water to get the desired consistency of the mixture.
    • With the use of a trowel, with a thickness of 6mm to 8mm is applied.

               4.Installation of Granite Flooring

    • In order to effectively maintain the alignment of the tiles, the granite tiles are placed at the ground with the aid of the plastic spacer.
    • Placing the granite tiles at the top of the floor and pressing them firmly into all of the corners will ensure that there are no gaps left at the base of the granite flooring.
    • To ensure that the entire tile is bonded to the mortar, lightly tap the tile with the rubber mallet.

             5.Application of Grout Over Tiles

    • The grout is implemented to the gaps among the two tiles in order that there could be a very good bond among the tiles.
    • Then permit the grout to be cured well then handiest do the cleansing of the tiles. The grouts are jumbled in small batches and that they must be used inside 15 to twenty min of preparation.

              6.Cleaning and Sealing

    • The very last step within side the method of the granite tile set up is the cleaning and completing of the granite floor in order that it may be prepared for use.
    • Clean the granite floors floor with a sponge and warm water and sweep off all of the dirt and particles from it.
    • Generally, the granite with darkish color does now no longer require sealing however a few mild colors required sealing because it facilitates to decorate the floor of the floors and make it shine.
    • Hence the procedure of the set up of the Bianco Halayeb granite floors is finished and it is prepared to use.

Where Can I View This Stone

  • Where Can I View Bianco Halayb granite ?

    We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

    Egyptian granite Colours available

    • Yellow
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Gray
    • Pink
    • White
    • red

Product Specialist

  • As the leading basically Egyptian basically natural stone supplier, CIDG group for for all intents and purposes Egyptian Granite generally are industry leaders in supplying definitely superior quality generally natural stone, provides customized dimensions as needed for sort of your project’s requirements through our 3 factories in Egypt for granite tiles and slabs and 6 basically gray granite quarries, which basically is quite significant. Exporting Egyptian definitely natural stone to all world, really contrary to popular belief.

    We mostly suggest consulting with our inhouse designers and stone experts to really select the really appropriate granite color and finishing to meet the purpose of definitely your project, which definitely is quite significant.

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