Who We Are?

Established in 1992, CIDG is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Egyptian marble, granite, and limestone with more than 20 years of expertise in the stone industry. Our core activities are quarrying, sawing, polishing, and processing marble, limestone, and granite.

CID licenses more than 20 quarries in marble, limestone, and granite across Egypt. We carefully export hand-selected Egyptian stone to international markets in consultation with our team of natural stone experts. Recognized for its extensive range of natural colors that adds rays of beauty to surfaces, outdoor, or indoor spaces for residential or commercial projects, we ensure to source Egypt’s best stone in compliance with the industry’s international standards to fulfil any project’s design needs.

Our passion for stone comes from our passion for beautiful spaces, from home interiors, commercial buildings to landscaping magnificent outdoors. Our core belief is that every home, patio garden, or commercial space comes to life through mother nature’s own creation.

Our mission is to provide premium natural stone to elevate your project’s space with the renowned richness, elegance, and colors of Egyptian stone. To ensure this, we are committed to working only with the best: from dedicated quarrymen to skilled artisans and designers to deliver only the highest quality natural stones slabs, and tiles.  Alongside supplying natural Egyptian stone, we offer different types of aesthetic finishes for your custom-sized slab.

Egyptian marble
Markets and Expansion

CID serves and supplies international clients all over the world. We supply our products to Egyptian clients in Cairo, the Red Sea, and private homeowners across the country from our offices in Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo. We export stones to Europe and the Americas, as well as Africa and Australia, with 80% of our reach in Europe. Daily, we export containers of slabs and tiles and ensure the quality of packing, handling, and shipping through our in-house shipping company. Some of our finished projects include Radisson Hotel in Ukraine, International Casino Hotel and Tower Suites in Varna, Oriental Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, and Sharm El Sheikh Oriental Mall among many others.

Egyptian marble tiles
Expertise and Innovation

At CID, our knowledge comes from working with our hand-selected team of talented stone experts. Over the years, we have advanced our mastery in stone through continuous learning from the industry and our clients. Simultaneously, our continuous advancements to invest in state-of-the-art factories and machinery earned us to be the leading Egyptian natural stone manufacturer and exporter in Egypt and around the world.

Our quarries produce more than 25 types of Egyptian marble , limestone and granite. After extraction, using our advanced processing technologies, our skillful craftsmen accurately cut, shape, and finish your stone to be ready to deliver. CIDG operates its own packaging and shipping company, allowing us to have full control of the entire process, from when the stone is extracted up until its delivery.

Additionally, the factory operations utilize mobile, gantry and overhead cranes, forklifts, air compressors and other transportation and handling equipment. We use cutting edge machinery including bridge saws, waterjet machines, shaping and polishing machines for columns, bases, and cladding.

Living our Mission through Our Commitments, Etched in Stone

1. Expertise

We know that providing a premium stone is your most important goal. Our main goal is to serve our clients with premium stone quality with exquisite service in a timely manner. We believe this comes from providing our knowledge and expertise to you. We work with the industry’s best workers who are continuously learning as we grow into different markets with different needs and expectations. At CIDG, we persevere to develop our team’s knowledge through ongoing training and certification.  What distinguishes us is that we care and are always working towards a more sustainable supply chain.

2. Quality

Every stone we provide starts with our quarry team. We are inspired by the skills and craftsmanship that make a stone the wonder that it is in design, building, and landscaping. Every stone goes through a meticulous and precise process that is artistically and skillfully applied to perfect manufacturing, cutting, and finishing, until it is exactly right for the suitable application. Using our state-of-the-art machinery, we continually invest to stay ahead of the game to use cutting edge tools and machines. Our team then ensures that the slabs and tiles are carefully handled from one step to the next until packing them in robust crates, and then shipped off for delivery with accuracy and time efficiency.

We are committed to the highest quality of stone, manufacturing, and shipping specifications and dedicated to maintaining industry standards in compliance with ISO 9000 and enhancing processes through our partnership with BSI. We are also compliant with the CE Mark to ensure our clients in the European Union are adhering to health, safety, and environment protection standards. In addition, the regular compliance and inspection with SGS  to ensure that our manufacturing process from control to logistics and quality is meeting top standards.

limestone wall cladding
limestone wall cladding

3. Community – People

We care far beyond our business and how our activity impacts the people and environment around us.

We are building a community that starts with our very own skilled workers in our quarries, factories, and business operations. We care to provide them with a healthy and safe working environment by providing them with training, secure gear and equipment.

We build bridges with people- to create and connect a wider network of builders, homeowners, and architects who are committed to the same mission as ours: enhance our living and working spaces with splendor from Mother Nature using her natural stone. We learn, listen, and deliver to clients’ wants, needs, and creative aspirations. We dedicate our time, knowledge, and skills to provide them with superior quality, artistic precision, and excellence in client service that’s needed to deliver their projects and create the beautiful spaces we believe in.

And we care – for society. We give back and pay it forward by empowering others to invest in themselves and the world around them. In collaboration with other stone manufacturers, CID is committed to donating a percentage of monthly earnings to provide shelter for abandoned animals, tree planting and recycling, and care for the orphaned and homeless.

limestone wall cladding
limestone wall cladding
World of Stone

Egyptian natural stone finds its home anywhere. Marble, a stunning aesthetic with pronounced veining, is timeless. It never goes out of style while adding a profound amount of character to buildings, sculptures, and monuments and a super regal feel to interior surfaces from kitchen counters, flooring, tabletops to accent walls and outdoor spaces, such as driveways, pool decks, fountains, bars, and benches. Marble tiles are exceptionally resistant to common weather aspects including moisture, cold, heat, and erosion.

Look at our wide and colorful selection of natural stones:

Galala Extra limestone tiles and slabs, Galala Classic limestone tiles and slabs, Sunny limestone tiles and slabs (Giallo Sinai) Beige marble, Silivia limestone tiles and slabs, Jerusalem stone tiles, Sinai Pearl limestone tiles and slabs (Dijon / Triesta marble), Mel Grey limestone Golden Sinai limestone and Imperial limestone tiles and slabs…etc.

Ramadi El Sherka granite, Egyptian grey granite, Bianco Halayeb Egyptian granite, Nero Aswan granite, Light/Medium & Dark Egyptian granite slabs, Red Aswan, Light/ Medium & Dark Egyptian granite slabs, Verdi Ghazal Egyptian granite slabs, Royal Red Egyptian granite, Shabah Sinai Egyptian granite…etc. In addition to a selective collection of Basalt, Hashma and Mica Sandstones.


Whether you are an interior designer, architect, or homeowner owner, you can choose your stone’s finishing type:

Polished, Honed, Brushed, Tumbled Antique, Acid, Flamed, Brushed, Sandblasted, Sandblasted + Brushed, Bush Hammered, Split Face.

Each stone is carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality to Architectural Firms and Stone Contractors.

  • We have created unique and innovative designs as the best Natural Stone in Egypt.