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    El mármol Sunny Light Split Face, una distinguida variedad de mármol beige oscuro extraído de canteras en Egipto, destaca como un éxito de ventas entre las baldosas de mármol egipcio. Esta piedra natural rentable se ha asegurado su posición entre los tres mejores mármoles, atendiendo a una multitud de aplicaciones.


    Características de Sunny Light Split Face

    Sunny Light Split Face exhibe un tono beige oscuro cálido y neutro con matices cremosos claros, lo que lo convierte en una opción ideal para pisos, revestimientos de paredes y diversas aplicaciones interiores, incluidas escaleras, alféizares de ventanas, chimeneas, piscinas y elementos de jardín. Esta lujosa piedra hecha a medida presenta vetas orgánicas, enriquecidas con fragmentos de conchas fosilizadas y variaciones de color moteadas, que realzan su incomparable belleza natural.

    Ideal para aplicaciones de paredes y pisos, este mármol proviene de una cantera en Menia, Egipto, lo que consolida aún más su estatus como uno de los pisos de mármol más vendidos.

    Usos populares de Sunny Light Split Face


    Adoptado tanto por propietarios de viviendas, diseñadores y constructores, Sunny Light Split Face es un material preferido para pavimentos, pisos interiores y exteriores, patios, revestimientos de paredes, escaleras, chimeneas, encimeras de cocina, albardillas de piscinas, alféizares de ventanas y esculturas.


    Losas de mármol egipcio


    Las losas de pavimento Sunny Light Split Face se caracterizan por sus sombras cálidas con toques de beige, logrando un equilibrio armonioso entre el clásico travertino de color crema y los adoquines de arenisca. Desprovistas de patrones exagerados y con grandes e incontrolables agujeros nativos incrustados en la piedra, estas losas de pavimento ofrecen una estética única. La Perla del Sinaí, otra piedra clásica extraída por nuestros expertos, complementa la gama. Lo suficientemente resistentes para ambientes húmedos, alrededores de piscinas y pasillos, las losas de pavimento Sunny Dark Marble encarnan humildad y sofisticación exquisita.

Product Information

  • Versatile Finishes and Applications for The Sunny Light Split Face

    The Sunny Light Split Face Marble excels in various finishes, offering a multitude of applications that enhance both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

    The Sunny Light Split Face for Pool Coping and Pool Decks

    Sunny Light Split Face marble paving slabs from Egypt stand out as dense, durable, and anti-slip surfaces, making them an optimal choice for pool decks. Renowned for their safety features, these marble slabs are particularly favored for pool coping, elegantly capping the pool’s edge. The versatility of Sunny Light Split Face marble is showcased through its application with different finishes, including anti-etched, brushed, or honed options.



    Choose from a range of sizes and forms to suit your design preferences and project requirements:

    – Large Opus Pattern

    – Small Opus Pattern

    – 900 x 600 mm

    – 600 * Free Length


    Various Finishes:


    Sunny Light Split Face is available in different finishes, ensuring a customized look for your space. Whether you prefer a polished sheen or a more textured surface, options include:


    – Polished Finish

    – Honed Finish

    – Brushed Finish


    Request a Samples

    To experience the quality and beauty of Sunny Light Split Face firsthand, we invite you to request free samples. Witness the luxurious appeal and exceptional craftsmanship of this Egyptian marble, ensuring it meets your exact specifications for your project.

Suitability & Installation

  • Sunny Light Split Face Patio

    This premium stone has earned its reputation through its graceful color scheme. It is easy to cut, work with, and apply because of its renowned resilience, making it another reason to choose Hathor Cream patio slabs when creating a patio. This stone may be used for paving the outdoors- helping to create uniquely stunning patios, gardens, or BBQ areas bursting with character.

    Staircases and Walkways using Sunny Light Split Face Paving

    The versatility of the Sunny Light Split Face paving allows for more than one application. To add to the list is the application to build staircases and paving for walkways.

    Kitchen wall

    When thinking of a kitchen wall at home, you consider many things when selecting the wall cladding. A most frequented environment requires a resilient stone to endure, be functional and long lasting considering The best to use for the wall is Sunny Light Split Face finish.

    Indoor Flooring

    To create a sleek look and contemporary feel in private spaces, this marble is designed to help generate it. A brushed marble tile elevates areas in any indoor spaces and helps uplift any color tones and moods in any room’s theme. Our experts and clients admire the brushed marble tiles that help with originating the area with a warm, welcoming, spacious and graceful feel and soft touch.

    Wall Cladding

    Wall cladding using the Sunny Light Split Face is one of the best natural stone tiles selected for a tranquil aesthetic statement to any setting. Sunny Light Split Face Marble wall tiles embraces you whether in private or commercial settings through its warm gentle brace of soft beige hues. In homes, wall cladding using this stone is used to make a beautiful backdrop and enhances your home’s beauty, mutating a dull bland wall to a lively vibrant one. Modern or rustic,

    Different finishes are applicable for wall cladding

Where Can I View This Stone

  • Where Can I View This Stone?

    We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

    Sunny Light Split Face available

    • Dark Beige
    • Beige
    • Light Beige


    • Beige
    • light beige

Product Specialist

  • As the leading Egyptian natural stone supplier, CIDG group for Egyptian limestone are industry leaders in supplying superior quality natural stone, provides customized dimensions as needed for your project’s requirements through our 3 factories in Egypt for Egyptian limestone and marble  tiles and slabs and 6 gray granite quarries. Exporting Egyptian natural stone to all world.

    We suggest consulting with our inhouse designers and stone experts to select the appropriate granite color and finishing to meet the purpose of your project.

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