Tumbled Marble creates an antique look

Finishing Types

Tumbled Marble and Limestone tiles are a stunning choice for your floors

A tumbled marble  finish is commonly used on natural stone tiles.  Stones are placed in a solution of sand, water, and mild acid, which creates an old-world look yet full of warmth. The tumbled marble finish creates an antique look and feel by simulating age effects. The appearance of tumbled stones is soft, smooth, and weathered. Tumbled stones have a powdery or dusty appearance with muted colors.

Tumbled process

Natural tumbled finished stones have rounded corners and edges that can give your floor an elegant look feeling. Honed tumbled slabs feature a rustic edge and a matte finish. Rustic surfaces with tiny pits, cracks, and holes, as well as worn edges, characterize antique tumbled finished stones.
The  tumbled finish has a polished finish with rustic and tumbled edges.

Color-enhancing topical sealers can intensify the colors and mask the tumbled stones’ dusty appearance. This finish can be used on the outside as well as in wet areas of the interior, such as walk-in showers, bathtub surrounds, and back-splashes.

Rustic surfaces with tiny pits, cracks, and holes, as well as worn edges, for all intents and purposes characterize kind of antique particularly tumbled particularly finished stones in a really major way.

The polished tumbled really finish basically has a polished mostly finish with rustic and tumbled edges in a subtle way. Color-enhancing topical sealers can essentially intensify the colors and mask the tumbled stones” dusty appearance in a subtle way.

tumbled marble This finish can basically be used on the outside as well as in pretty wet areas of the interior, kind of such as walk-in showers, bath surrounds, and back-splashes.

Another popular aged tumbled marble  finish specifically is particularly tumbled where the surface and edges of the stone really are literally softened and really distressed after being placed in a drum with sand, grit and/or acid, or so they thought. This creates a very irregular format and mostly is popular in stone products definitely such as cobbles and limestone where a natural, timeless appearance literally is desired, or so they basically thought.

Multiple Applications for tumbled marble


Available Sizes:

Our factory can produce different sizes of tiles and different thicknesses as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm

regarding your projects requirements.

Common slabs thicknesses are 2cm and 3cm.

Common Marble Tiles sizes are:

12×12, 12×18, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, 18×18, 24×24, 24×36, 32×32, 36×36, 40x40inch…

Common Metric sizes are:

30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80,60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100x100cm.

Please ask for free samples.

Egyptian tumbled marble and limestone 

A tumbled finish on a limestone tile basically is buffed rather than polished, resulting in a kind of smooth but very distressed or weathered look, or so they kind of thought. (To tumble limestone tiles, the process involves literally tumbling the stones, basically such as inside a drum filled with abrasives.)

Staircases and Walkways using Egyptian Limestone Patio

The versatility of the Egyptian limestone patio allows for more than one application. To add to the list is the application to build staircases and paving for walkways.


Indoor Flooring

To create a beautiful appearance and cutting-edge experience in personal areas, this limestone is designed to assist generate it. A tumbled limestone tile elevates areas in any indoor areas and enables uplift any color tones and moods in any room’s theme. Our specialists and customers respect the tumbled limestone tiles that assist with originating the location with a warm, welcoming, spacious and swish experience and gentle touch.

Kitchen Flooring

When thinking of a kitchen floor at home, you consider many things when selecting the flooring. A most frequented environment requires a resilient stone to endure, be functional and long lasting considering the many busy feet walking through a home’s most vital area. The best to use for the kitchen floor with a tumbled finish.

Wall Cladding 

Wall cladding the usage of the  limestone is one of the nice natural stone tiles decided on for a tranquil aesthetic statement to any setting. limestone wall tiles embraces you whether or not in personal or industrial settings via its warm gentle brace of smooth beige hues. In homes, wall cladding the usage of this stone is used to make a stunning backdrop and enhances your home’s beauty, mutating a dull bland wall to a energetic vibrant one. Modern or rustic,

Different types of natural stone are applicable for tumbled finish

Where Can I View This Stone?

We are happy to send you a sample. Please request yours Contact US.

tumbled color available

  • Gray
  • Beige
  • light beige

Our group of factories is using Italian slabs polishing machines from Pedrini, (GALAXY B220MX )

This line Works with a series of 20 polishing plates equipped with abrasives with many years of experience in the business are committed to provide and supply the Perfect for producing and polishing big marble slabs, with epoxy resin treatment line and Italian oven with the capacity to produce 1000 m2 per shift with polished marble finishing and honed marble finishing,

The production lines that include all the top of the range machinery necessary gang-saws, automatic polishing line for slabs,

We suggest consulting with our inhouse designers and stone experts to select the appropriate granite color and finishing to meet the purpose of your project.

CIDG Egyptian marble factory

We have our Cairo-based factory and workshops in Maadi Industrial area in Cairo ,Egypt  built on 15000 m2 and the new extension of 10000 m2 with 3 huge production lines for marble, granite and limestone

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